Year 7, Day 346 (Resolute Launches After Refit!)

screenshot119.pngThe Heavy Cargo Shuttle (HCS) Resolute launches!   Mirphe volunteers to pilot the refitted Shuttle!

This will be the first flight after the major refit done to overhaul the craft, which included:

  • Improving flight characteristics both on launch and return
  • Upgrade the launch vehicle to provide more power.
  • Increase the launch vehicle recoverability.
  • Adding cool lights.


This is also the first flight of the refitted HCS Launch Vehicle!


Mirphe pilots Resolute into an 100k orbit, then plots a course to rendezvous with the Kerbin Space Station!




“I’d call that a success!  Taking Resolute back down to the surface now!”


screenshot126.pngMirphe sets Resolute to Landing Configuration – the spacecraft’s 3 Air Brakes deploy, and the Elevons are all locked. At 25k the craft switches to Flight Configuration, and prepares to approach the landing strip at KSC!


“Tracking looks good… speed at 1400 m/s and dropping!”



Mirphe fires Resolute‘s maneuvering engines to line up the shuttle with the landing strip!


Resolute touches down!


“Perfect landing.  The Refit appears to check out – Resolute flew great!”


Indeed, KSEA is very pleased at the new HCS Refit!  Plans are made to upgrade the other Heavy Cargo Shuttle, Enterprise.








Year 6, Day 296 (Endeavor Launches to Resupply KSS)

screenshot107.pngEndeavor is prepared for a mission to resupply the Kerbin Space Station with Oxygen!  Edan will pilot, and scientists Samner and Glenica will head up to the station for training!  screenshot108.png

The Crew shuttle reaches orbit!

“Now we just need to rendevous and the KSS crew can breath a little easier!”



The docking is a success, and the oxygen tanks are transferred over!  KSEA Mission planners will leave Endeavor docked for the next month, before returning to Kerbin!


Year 3, Day 156 (KSS Habitat Expansion)

screenshot186.pngThe next expansion to the KSS is ready to go!  This one will be both an addition to the Space Station, as well as a test of the new Habitat Section that will be the main crew area on board Explorer!screenshot188

Launch goes well, and the module moves closer to the station!


The Orbital Maneuvering Module detaches, and the Habitat Section’s RCS thrusters move the addition closer to the station.  Almost there…


Success!  The module connects and makes a good seal. The station is quite the sight!

“It’s nice to finally have some beds and personal space up here!”

Year 3, Day 118 (Shuttle Intrepid’s First Flight)

screenshot132.pngThe third shuttle, Intrepid, takes off on its first flight!  Mitster pilots the craft up to the KSS.  It’s time for a crew rotation!  Unusually, one shuttle will fly up and take the crew that’s returning, and a second will launch and remain docked to the station.  This will allow for evacuations in case of emergencies!  The plan is to cycle shuttles docked to the KSS every time there is a crew rotation.

After the Intrepid docks with the station, Endeavor blasts off, piloted by Jeb!

For the first time, two shuttles are docked at the KSS!

Not for long though… Mitster stays behind to keep an eye on the station, while Jeb, Orlas, Robart, and Samner head back to Kerbin! Endeavor will remain docked at the station.

Year 3, Day 44 (CTS Adventure Testing & Upgrades)

screenshot13.pngAfter some slight adjustments to Adventure’s wing alignment to correct the rollimg/control issues the craft was having, the craft takes off again!


This time, Jeb, Bill, and Bob head up – the mission is solely to test Adventure’s systems before construction of additional Crew Shuttles to service the KSS!  This will be the first flight with the craft’s new solar panels – so far, they don’t seem to be affecting aerodynamics. screenshot14.png

“OK – the Station is right where it should be! Heading in to dock!” -Jeb

Jeb pilots the Adventure closer, and closer to the Space Station!


Almost there…


Success!  Adventure makes a good seal with Docking Port 1. Everyone heads over to the station to check things out!

“Wow!  This place sure looks different than last time!”

Does it?  Must be a slight case of space madness…

Year 3, Day 15

The Crew Shuttle Adventure blasts off from the Space Center!   Mitster and Jeb both pilot the craft.  This will be a mission of many “firsts”:the first orbital mission of the Crew Shuttle, the first docking with the Space Station, and the first crewed re-entry of the shuttle!screenshot815.png

Because the Crew Shuttle doesn’t have any solar or other power generation methods, it can’t remain in orbit for too long before docking. Future upgrades will likely include better onboard power.screenshot818.png

Adventure achieves orbit, and manuevers to the KSS! Meanwhile on Kerbin, sea vessels recover the orbital launch vehicle.  As before, the craft is recovered for almost all of its construction costs!screenshot820.png

Adventure docks with the KSS!  The two crews say hello, then the shuttle detaches.  Everyone is a bit nervous.. this is the first time a crewed shuttle will re-enter Kerbin’s atmosphere!screenshot826.png

Rentry goes very well… But as the craft gets close to landing, it starts rotating strangely – tests will need to be done to determine why the craft partially lost control!    Thankfully Mitster is able to correct for the rotation.

Adventure sets down at the space center! While the mission wasn’t perfect, it was a success!