Year 2, Day 110 (Spacelab 2 Launches!)

screenshot316.pngJebediah and rookie Orlas are chosen to take Discovery 3 and its payload for Spacelab 2 to orbit! After the first stage ejects, the fairings protecting the new space station eject, revealing the whole craft.


Looks a lot like those drawings we have for a deep space vehicle!


After some tricking maneuvering, Discovery 3 rendezvous with Spacelab!

“I see you guys!”


Discovery 3 moves in closer and closer… screenshot325

Once in range, Orlas exits the command pod of Discovery 2… screenshot328

While Bill exits the old Spacelab!  The two give each other a ‘high five’ as they pass, switching seats in space!  Orlas will be the first new crew on Spacelab 2, and Bill will return with Jeb to the surface.

See you soon Orlas!  We’ll be in touch!


screenshot334.pngThe Discovery 3 command pod returns to Kerbin! Great job guys!  Bill and Jeb get some well deserved rest.




Year 2, Day 76


As upgrades are started on several Space Center facilities, funds are running very tight until the next funding period.  To stay busy, Mission Control decides to send Jeb on a short mission to investigate an anomaly detected by the Radar Scanner on board SpaceLab!

“Hey – before I take off I’m going to go check out that strange thing near the Space Center!”


Jeb hops out of the X-4 Jetplane, and runs over to the strange object…..screenshot281.png

Whew!  This is quite the jog!

screenshot282.pngLook at the size of this thing!   KSEA scientists are dispatched to investigate.  Jeb returns to his plane!screenshot289.png
Jeb flies west, to the mountains near KSC… screenshot296.png

This looks like it might be a rough landing.   Uh oh!  Uh Oh!


Boom!  The X-4 flips and flies apart in an explosion of parts!

“That was a close one!  I made it though! ”



“Looks like another Monolith!  Strange… dirt around it would indicate it may have recently been dug up.  Very odd!”

Jeb is rescued, and the flight data from the X-4 is examined.  Any future X-4 flights have been grounded until the cause of the crash can be determined!

Year 2, Day 01 (Discovery 1 Starts Minmus Research)

screenshot180.pngJeb closes the orbit  of Discovery 1 to a very close 20km.screenshot181.png

Bob hops out and starts running the planned experiments!

“It’s amazing out here!  Kerbin looks so small! And Mun, it just looks super tiny!”


The next phase is even more exciting!   Jeb adjusts the orbit so that the Discovery 1 will get very close to the surface of Minmus.   How close?  Almost 8000 meters!  screenshot186.png

Jeb maneuvers  Discovery to a nice, low pass of Minmus.

“I’m going a little ways out from the ship to get a good look!”



“Um… Ok… OK!  That’s enough space walking!  Minmus looks so close I can practically taste it!”


After calming down Bob returns to Discovery 1, and the crew waits for their scheduled return!

Year 1, Day 416 (Discovery 1 Launch!)

screenshot165.pngThe Discovery 1 rocket is rolled out to the launchpad – Jebediah will be piloting, with rookie space-scientist Bob on board to assist with research.  This will be Bob’s first mission in space!

Another first for the mission is the first Mission Patch! Symbolizing the adventure from Kerbin to Minus, and promising a future trip to Mun!

“Uh – so this is just the training simulator?  Right?”  -Bob

screenshot170.pngNot so much, Bob!  Discovery 1 lifts off!  screenshot173.png

After achieving orbit, Jeb aligns Discovery’s orbit to that of Minmus.  Then, after a short wait, Discovery 1 burns to Minmus! The trip will be just 6 days – all of Kerbin waits!



Year 1, Day 342

screenshot132.pngHorizion 10 will have an early, early morning launch.  “The lights on the towers make the rocket look awesome!” Jeb remarks.

screenshot133.pngHorizion 10 takes off, and settles into orbit after some initial piloting difficulty.  “Dang… wasted some fuel there!  We’ll do the math in orbit and see if I can still make it to Minmus!” Jeb says.  Fuel is tight on this mission.. so everyone is a bit nervous! screenshot134.png

Thankfully it looks like there’s enough fuel in the craft to make it to Minmus and back using a free return trajectory.  The burn is a success!  Now the REAL test… the long, long flight to Minmus.  Jeb says he’s prepared for it though!  Good luck Jeb!