Year 9, Day 422 (Mirphe and Tamre Land on Minmus!)

screenshot310.pngWhile trying to find a good spot to land the Harmony Station Lander, Tamre makes an interesting discovery… there is not only a Great Flats on Minmus, but there is also an unexplored region known as the Greater Flats – unexplored mostly due to Mission Control not noticing the extra two letters in the name!


“Huh.  Guess that’s our spot then!”


Indeed!  Mission Control gives the go-ahead, and the crew heads down!


The Harmony Station lander heads toward its landing site – HSSL05, the Greater Flats!


“That looks like the landing site!  Lives up to its name too!”



Mirphe sets the lander down on the surface!


Tamre jumps out first and has a few hops around the surface!


Mirphe hops out next, and the crew poses for their landing portrait!

We need to do a few quick hops around Minmus before heading back!  I’ve been reviewing the science reports from the previous missions and a few things were missed!



The Minmus lander jumps to the highlands, then the Great Flats, as Tamre and Mirphe carefully gather science data that was missed in previous missions (and occasionally stopping for moments of poignant self reflection).


Until it’s time to return to Harmony Space Station!


We spent so much time hopping around Minmus I’m afraid we ate up most of the snacks… and the water… and the oxygen!


Uh oh.  We’re going to try a very, very fast return to Kerbin. It’s our only chance!


The ACV expends all of its fuel, and the return to Minmus takes only 2 days!


Re-entry heat on the ACV is intense… thankfully these are the same vehicles that are made to survive interplanetary journeys, which approach even faster!


The Aurora Command Module gently glides down…


… and sets down in the Highlands of Kerbin!

“We made it!”


“So this is what gravity feels like…. exhausting!”


Year 5, Day 132 (Oxygen Low on Unity Space Station!)

screenshot1582.pngOxygen is starting to run low on Unity Space Station, the research station orbiting Mun!  The supply craft sent to the KSS has enough extra supplies in it to resupply the station, however scrubbers and other technology to extend life on the stations is clearly needed.

Mission Control wants to delay any landings on Mun until the Oxygen situation is resolved!



Year 5, Day 56 (Aurora 17 Arrives at Minmus!)

screenshot1503.pngAurora 16 arrives at Minmus, and Edan pilots the spacecraft to dock with Harmony Space Station!  Glenica has been waiting for a crew for sometime now!

screenshot1506.pngAurora 17 docks!  Edan and Shepley quickly transfer over to the lander, eager to get their turn down on Minmus!


Mission Planners have decided the next area for exploration will be a region in the lowlands of Minmus designated HSS LS04-A, where orbital scanners have detected an unusual anomaly.


The lander sets down – and already Edan spots the anomaly.

“That looks like one of those Monoliths!  Strange though, I’d swear it was green, not black like the others!”



Edan is right – the monolith appears to be the same dimensions as the others found, however it has a slight green hue to it.  How unusual!  Shepley performs all the scientific experiments he can, gets a surface sample, then the explorers return to the Research Lander! screenshot1519.png

Edan pilots the lander into orbit… screenshot1520.png

Then docks with Harmony Space Station!  The crew will stay for a short time before heading back to Kerbin.

Year 4, Day 381 (Aurora 16 Arrives at Minmus to Unite Explorer 2’s Crew!)


Aurora 16 arrives at Minmus – just in time too!  Food was starting to get a bit low… Edan and  Dunwin were getting hungry!

Aurora 16 arrives at Harmony Space Station!  Kimmy transfers over, and gets comfy for the ride back to Kerbin!

“You know… I’ve actually never been down to Minmus before! ”



Indeed!  Mission Planners quickly assemble a mission, HSSLS03.. an odd formation shaped like an arc, with lowland, slope, and midland biomes all within reach. Should be a good first landing for Dunwin!

“OK – here we GOooooo!”



Kimmy and Dunwin head down to HSSLS03-A!


A great landing!


Dunwin is very excited, and immedeatly jumps out… then jumps UP!


Oh wow!  I think I can see Harmony Space Station from up here!




Kimmy leaves the lander, and starts taking some readings.


After a little time, everyone is back in the lander, heading up to the Station! screenshot1373.png

The Research Lander arrives back at Harmony Space Station.  Dunwin heads over to Aurora 16, and Kimmy gathers up all the scientific data on Harmony Space Station, and takes it over to Aurora 16.

I don’t think I could pack any more research materials and surface samples into this Command Pod!  There’s over 44 individual pieces of science on this vessel!”


This crew transfer will leave the crew of Harmony Space Station without a scientist (or a way home, in fact) so Aurora 17 will likely be in utilized to rotate crews on Unity Space Station!  Unfortunately, Gilian will be alone on the station for about a week.

“It’s OK guys… I brought lots of schematics to read!  Good luck on Duna!  Take lots of pictures!!”


It’s just a short 8 Day trip back to Kerbin!

Year 4, Day 360 (Aurora 16 Leaves from Mun, To Minmus!)

screenshot1354.pngKSEA decides that it’s probably best to get Dunwin and Kimmy back to Kerbin to start their training for the Explorer 2 Mission to Duna!   Edan takes Aurora 16 and pilots it from Unity Space Station in orbit of Mun, to Minmus! screenshot1352.png

“Bye guys!  Have a fun trip to Duna!!”


Kerlorf, Seely, and Luly remain on the station to train!

This will be the first time a vehicle has traveled from one Space Station to the other!   The trip to Minmus will take 2 weeks!



Year 4, Day 348 (Harmony Research Lander Returns to Station!)

screenshot1253.pngKimmy and Gilian return to Harmony Space Station!  They’ll rest for a few days before the next landing.

“There’s so much interesting science to find here on Minmus!  Building a station was really smart, we don’t have to have a big Sarnus V launch every time we want to check something out!”



“Yea, but rocket launches are pretty exciting…”


Year 4, Day 325 (Next Harmony Space Station Mission Planned!)


The next landing site for the Harmony Science team is announced!  This mission will primarally focus on site A, the Poles, and site B, the Highlands.  If fuel is available, and the team deems it safe, a third landing will be performed at site C, the Flats.

Planners are optomistic, but a landing at the poles has never been tried before, so they want to play it safe! Kimmy and Gilian will head down to Minmus very soon!