Current Missions

DSV-5 Endeavor CM1
Crew Mission to Jool/Laythe

Mission Profile: First mission of DSV Intrepid! Crewed mission to Moho to perform landing using new DSV-Lander/Rover combo.
Crew: Bob, Carson, Sondo

  • Transit to Moho: Success!
  • Orbit of Moho: Pending
  • Moho Landing: Pending
  • Deploy Rover: Pending
  • Return to DSV: Pending
  • Depart Moho: Pending
  • Return to Kerbin: Pending

DSV-4 Endeavor CM2
Crew Mission to Jool/Laythe

Mission Profile: Crewed mission to Laythe Spaceport to perform landing on Laythe using Laythe Spaceplane.
Crew: Val, Robart, Kerlorf

  • Dock at Laythe Spaceport: Pending
  • Transit to Jool: Success!
  • Orbit of Laythe: Success!
  • Laythe Landing: Pending
  • Return to Laythe Spaceport: Pending
  • Depart Laythe Spaceport
  • Return to Kerbin Spacedock: Pending

MISSION SUMMARY: Explore Laythe and provide additional fuel for X-10 using mission payload,LFO Modular Payload Vehicle (MPV). Collect science & Return to Kerbin!

DSV-2 Discovery CM3
Crew Mission to Duna

Mission Profile: High-speed mission to Duna (68 day transit.) Test Discovery’s capabilities, land on Duna from Duna Spaceport. Crew: Mirphe, Seely, Tamre

  • Transit to Duna: Success!
  • Orbit of Duna: Success!
  • Dock at Duna Spaceport: Success!
  • Duna Landing: Success
  • Return to Duna Spaceport: Success
  • Depart Duna Spaceport: Success
  • Return to Kerbin Spacedock: Pending

MISSION SUMMARY: Test capabilities of DSV-2 Discovery for missions to Duna. Explore Duna surface, service & maintenance on Duna Spaceport. Collect science and return safely to Kerbin!

DSV-3 Horizon CM1
Crew Mission to Sarnus/Slate Eeloo!

Mission Profile: First Crewed Mission to the Sarnus system to orbit Slate Eeloo, land, return. First mission of Deep Space Vehicle Horizon!
Crew: Mitster, Chrisnic, Kimmy

  • Launch DSV: Success!
  • Transit to Sarnus/Slate: Success!
  • Orbit of Slate: Success!
  • Deploy Relay: Success!
  • Mission Change: Divert orbit to Eeloo: Success!
  • Deploy Lander: Success!
  • Land on Eeloo: Success!
  • Return to Horizon: Success
  • Return to Kerbin: Pending

MISSION SUMMARY: First voyage of DSV-3 Horizon – initially, KSEA’s plan was to explore Slate, however upon arrival engineers discovered that they used incorrect numbers to calculate Slate’s mass and a landing was impossible! Thankfully a landing at Eeloo was possible! Horizon changed orbits, and successfully carried out the first landing on Eeloo!