Kerbal States Launch Vehicles

The Kerbin Space Exploration Administration utilizes 6 different rockets to carry out a variety of mission profiles:

Launch VehicleTonnage to
200k Kerbin Orbit
Typical Payload
Nebula Rocket14 tonnesMk2 Nebula Crew Vehicle, smaller satellites
Nebula Heavy Rocket50 tonnesLarger satellites, payloads to Kerbin Spacedock, DSV payloads (landers, fuel, supply missions etc.)
Sarnus Va Rocket70 tonnesAurora Missions (Mun/Minmus Landing & Return), Heavy DSV payloads
Jool X Rocket200 tonnesModular Refueling Vehicles, Smaller Interplanetary Missions
Jool Heavy Rocket300 tonnesLarger Interplanetary Missions, Smaller Station Launches
Nova Rocket400 tonnesSuper Heavy payloads, Larger Interplanetary Space Station Launches
Note: 1 tonne = 1000kg.