A popular request has been to find out the mods I’m using for the game, so here’s my best attempt at that.  Some mods that are listed have dependencies; those are installed, but may not be listed.

UPDATED 08/31/2020

Game Version: (Winx64) with Making History and Breaking Ground

Mods I made:

  • Kerbal Mission Patch Template – this is how I make all the mission patches, flags, and logos used on this site.  You can make your own using this template!  While this mod is fairly old, it still works… it’s on my ‘to do’ list to update and modernize.
  • KSP Blueprint Template – I wanted others to make blueprints like I do so they can share their vehicle designs and show off ships!  For me, I use it to keep a  history of what I’ve built. When I switch game versions for upgrades, I’ll often bring up my old blueprints to “recreate” spacecraft!
  • KSP Decal Template – This was meant to be used with Conformal Decals – it helps you design text and other decals that you can then use Conformal Decals to apply.

Mods Others Made:

  • Click Through Blocker – a utility to keep you from clicking through menus and hitting what’s ‘behind’ it.
  • Filter Extensions – better filters in the editor.
  • Toolbar– a common API for buttons/etc in KSP.
  • Astronomers Visual Pack – Pretty Planets and more
  • B9Part Switch – the modern version of Firespitter, allows switching in other mods.
  • Community Category/Resource/Tech Tree/Train Icons – Lots of mods here, I only linked to the Community Resource Pack.
  • Conformal Decals – the successor (for me) to Nebula Decals, which I used to use all the time. I *love* Conformal Decals. I stick them all over my spacecrafts!
  • Contract Configurator – a great way to add more contracts and variety to the game.
  • Anomaly Surveyor Contract Pack – my favorite contract pack in the whole world!   Anomaly Surveyor adds the ‘story’ that KSP was missing. Highly, highly suggest you try it out!  Nightingale is currently working on a mission that includes the final adventure!
  • Bases and Stations Reborn Contract Pack – pack that makes Stations and Bases have more of a purpose in game.
  • KSP Community Terrain Textures Pack (CTTP) – addon pack for Kopernicus.
  • EVE
  • Heat Control – part of Nertea’s pack for Near Future – the radiators on Explorer and other spacecraft are from this pack.
  • Janitor’s Closet – part organization mod for the editor.
  • Kerbal Atomics – Atomic Engines for KSP by Nertea.
  • Kerbal Construction Time– this is one of the most important ‘realism’ mods I like… it’s silly that you can just launch a rocket an in-game minute after designing it.  KCT makes you plan for your space program, and that’s cool!
  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcementwobble wobble WOBBLE WOBBLE BOOOM!
  • Kopernicus – lets you add new planets, etc., to KSP.  A required dependency for Outer Planets.
  • KRASH – adds a “simulator” to KSP.  I test launch/test land vehicles in the simulator before actually risking my precious Kerbal’s lives!
  • Kronal Vessel Viewer – aka KVV, lets you take ‘pictures’ of your spacecraft in the editor, and export those pictures outside the game. This is how I make my blueprints.
  • MarkIV System – I keep thinking I’m going to use these parts because they look so cool, but I never get around to it!
  • MechJeb2 – after a while circularizing your orbit, basic launches get dull… for those moments I  use MechJeb.  Also rendezvouses. Because I only have so much time. 🙂
  • Near Future Technologies:  NearFuture Construction, Near Future Electrical, Near Future Exploration, Near Future Launch Vehicles, Near Future Props, Near Future Propulsion, Near Future Solar, Near Future Spacecraft – if you’re looking at my spacecraft designs and you think “oh cool!  What part is that!?” – it probably came from this mod. Thanks so much Nertea, these are wonderful additions to the game.
  • NRAP– lets you add test ‘weights’ to your spacecraft, so you design your rockets around a certain payload size… not a specific spacecraft each time.
  • Outer Planets Mod – to me, KSP is now incomplete without Sarnus, Urlum, and all the others.  This is a great mod, and you should try it  out!
  • Planetary Base Systems – excellent surface base parts.  Eventually I hope to make a colony on Laythe with these!
  • Portrait Stats – when you keep track of your Kerbals the way I do, it’s nice to hover  them and see where they’ve been, what they’ve done, etc.
  • PreciseNode – if you’ve ever spent an hour moving those clunky sliders to get an intercept just right, you should try this out!
  • RCS Build Aid  – lets you design your RCS systems perfectly!
  • ReStock – I used to use Ven’s Stock Revamp, this has replaced that mod in providing a great visual overhaul to KSP. It also allows the “stock” parts and Nertea’s near future parts to work better together.
  • ReStock PLUS – some little addons for ReStock.
  • SCANSAT – scan surfaces, map planets, and more.  I make all my landing maps, and plan missions extensively, using this mod.   Also adds cool parts like surface scanners, and more.
  • Scatterer – adds “scattering” to KSP… it makes the planets look even prettier.
  • StationPartsExpansionRedux – many parts from this are  used in DSV spacecraft, and in other space stations.
  • ThunderAerospace / TAC Life Support – another important “realism” mod for me… TAC allows for food, oxygen, and water to be managed.  I like the challenege of providing for my Kerbals as they go on their adventures… it also provides a reason for using the Cryo Statsis systems!
  • Trajectories – if you’re having trouble landing your spaceplane on target, you could proably use this mod. It shows the ‘estimated’ landing accounting for atmosphere.
  • UniversalStorage2 – this great mod allows all kinds of possibilities for cargo storage.  The bottom of the “Aurora Crew Vehicle” uses one of the fairings and cargo cores from this mod.


OLD VERSION OF KSP (many of these are no longer used)….
Game Version: 1.22

  • VenStock Revamp – I think it makes the parts look a LOT better, and more compatible with many of the other mod parts (like Near Future, etc.) Sadly it doesn’t (as of this writing) appear to be compatible with the latest version of KSP. This is one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded!
  • Environmental Visual Enhancements – These days I won’t play KSP without this mod… it feels like the kind of graphics I want, when I see stock KSP it looks very unpolished after this mod has spoiled me!
  • Kerbal Mission Patch Template – My own mod, of sorts.  This is the template I use to create all the agency logos, patches, and flags in my save.  Great if you like customizing your game.
  • Nebula Decals – I’ve replaced all the graphics in this mod with my own, using my Mission Patch Template, with the file size formatted for Nebula’s different parts.
  • Toolbar – Nice common API for buttons and such.
  • Coherent Contracts – I’ve heard this is better with the latest version, shrug.
  • Mk3 Expansion – This mod has a LOT of parts, I use like 3 or 4 of them (most notably the excellent cockpit for the Heavy Cargo Shuttles.
  • Near Future Everything – Great collection of mods.

Here’s the some of the rest, I’ll linkify them later when I feel like it 🙂

Community Resource Pack
Community Tech Tree
Contract Configurator
Contract Packs (Exploration Plus)
Distant Object Enhancement
Extraplanetary Launchpads
In Flight Flag Switcher
Kopernicus (with Outer Planets)
Elements from the MarkIVSystem
Mk3 Expansion (elements of it)
Monthly Budgets
Near Future Solar, Propulsion, Electrical, Construction, Solar, Spacecraft
Nebula Decals
Texture Replacer
Kerbal AlarmClock
Waypoint Manager