oger-probe_thumbIt is now 50 years since the crashed alien space-probe landed on Kerbin.  It was badly damaged, but the letters
– O – –  G E R  2” could be made out on metal plate on the side.  There was also a shape roughly similar to a Kerbal doing a jumping jack, and a strange world with a star system that somewhat resembled the Kerbol system.  The Kerbals call the probe “OGER”, and the race who sent it are sometimes called Ogers.

“OGER” taught the Kerbals many things, like how to wear clothes, style their hair, jazz music, bell-bottoms, and that perhaps most importantly, they weren’t alone in the universe!

Kerbals are very clever and quick to imitate, and following the example of Oger, the Kerbals established a Space Program, and many “companies” to buy and sell rocket parts – which they assumed was how the Oger people lived their lives.  Sadly, things did not go well…

purumgmAfter 100 years the planet Kerbin seemed doomed: following the example of the Ogers, dozens of companies had been established to buy and sell rocket parts, yet they were the only industry on the entire planet.  Most of these parts were never used, and some were quite silly.


Worse, the Kerbals have had no luck launching a successful spaceflight.  There are even rumors of dozens of Kerbals lost in space, marooned by errant launches from independent Kerbals hoping to follow in the example of the Ogers.

256x256-4.pngThe planet’s economy seemed doomed.  The Kerbals decided to form a new planetary organization, the Kerbal States to bring together the Kerbals of Kerbin and explore where “OGER” came from… and where the Kerbals belong in the universe!

The Kerbal State’s space proram, the Kerbin Space Exploration Administration will boldy go… and find out!