Kerbal States explores my adventures playing Kerbal Space Program.  I’ve used a blog format to help me track my in-game adventures and as a fun way keep track of my in-game progress.

Kerbal States “Story”

I’ve developed my own backstory for the origins of the Kerbals – click on “Origins” above!  You can also click on “Mods” to see my current mod list.  I hosted two previous blogs, the Federated Republic of Kerbin and Kerbin Republic. I stopped playing those particular save-games in favor of this one, running KSP 1.13. I’ve been on this play-through for quite a long time – since September 18, 2016.

My Kerbal “Philosophy”

Kerbals are curious and friendly.  When I play KSP I really enjoy experiencing the grandeur and majesty of space exploration through the eyes of my silly little Kerbals. I still remember the first time I landed a Kerbal on Mun, and the little guy had this giant, beaming smile – I was hooked on KSP ever since then!  That is my Kerbal Space Program, and really the source of my enjoyment of the game.

Please Remember:  I’m making this blog for myself, not for anyone else. It will probably be FULL of spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to have the surprise ruined!

This is a fan blog. Kerbal Space Program, or KSP, is not owned by me.  So, all rights are reserved by their respective owners and such.