Year 22, Day 220 (DSV-5 Intrepid Supply Mission & Departure to Moho!)

In Kerbin orbit, Jeb and Sean prepare DSV-5 Intrepid for it’s new crew! Instead of taking Crew Vehicle 6 back to the surface, the spacecraft is sent back to the surface – Jeb and Sean will take Crew Vehicle 1 back to Kerbin once it arrives! Meanwhile, Jeb pilots Intrepid to a higher orbit, 600k!

Crew Vehicle 6 sets down just west of the space center!

“Alright everybody, now’s the tricky part! Keep focused!”

-Gene, at Mission Control

For the first time, a Sarnus Va rocket will be used to launch a Nebula Crew Vehicle! The mission will carry Carson, Bob, and Sondo up to the Deep Space Vehicle Intrepid – as well as multiple mission payloads – a Modular-Payload Vehicle (MPV) loaded with Lithium and Monopropellant, a science satellite, and a new lander/rover combo!

“Engines are go!”


Crew Vehicle 1 launches into space! The fairings eject once the spacecraft reaches a safe altitude and the engines fire, carrying the spacecraft to a higher than average orbit, 600k!

Carson rendezvouses with Intrepid, then separates to move clear from the stack!

At the last moment it was decided the fuel budget had room for a Modular Payload Vehicle loaded with Lithium Fuel and Monopropellant! It separates from the stack, and docks with Intrepid, topping off it’s fuel supplies!

After fuelling up Intrepid the crew will transfer over to Intrepid, swap places with Jeb and Sean! Then, the nose-science unit will attach to the front of the DSV. Finally, the most challenging task will be docking the new lander in the cargo bay!

With the Lithium fueling complete, Carson, Bob, and Sondo head to Intrepid!

“Ok – forward RCS thrust is active… systems are nominal…”


“Oh wow – I saw Intrepid during assembly – to see it in space is quite a sight!”


Jeb and Sean shake hands with Sondo, Bob, and Carson! Then Jeb and Sondo head back to Kerbin!

“Good luck! Bring back some cool rocks from Moho!”


…setting down right by the Space Center!

With crew loading complete, it’s time to dock the nose science unit!

“This part will be easy, that lander’s going to be tricky though I just know it!”


“I’m showing a good connection!”

After a short maneuver, Carson docks the satellite with the docking port of Intrepid!

“Ok – the communications dish has been retracted! You’re good to go Carson!”


Next, the most difficult part… docking the new lander!

No problem guys – it’s just like docking the Crew Vehicles – only in an infinity smaller space with no margin for error! Hmm.”


As the lander slowly moves into Intrepid‘s docking bay, there is a distinct metallic scratching noise as the landing gear scrape against the back of the cargo bay! The DSV-mockup at the Space Center isn’t perfect, and it turns out the lander fits much easier in the designs than actually docking!

“Tight fit… but we’re almost there! Nothing’s exploded yet!”


Success! The lander fits snugly, but perfectly, into the cargo bay!

“Getting it out will be a lot easier once we’re at Moho!”


Bob and Sondo check out the crew area of the Deep Space Vehicle, and make sure everything is ready to go!

“RCS fuel – check… extra snacks… check…”


“The reactor is functioning normally – Sean did a great job starting it up – radiators, generator, it all checks out!”


“Looks good! Let’s get up front and get the mission to Moho started!”


After prelaunch checks are complete, Intrepid fires it’s Colossus Engine!

“Fuel flow is good – temperatures are nominal!”


Intrepid speeds away from Kerbin!

“The transit burn to Moho was perfect! “


“Ok everyone – get on your mittens, it’s time to get in the cryobeds!”


“Looks, uh, comfy!”


The cryobeds freeze over, and Mission Control takes full control of the spacecraft! Intrepid will arrive at Moho later this year, on Day 383!

Year 22, Day 195 (DSV-5 Intrepid Mission to Moho Announced!)

DSV-5 Intrepid’s first mission has now been fully planned, and a crew selected! Carson will be mission commander, Bob will be the Science specialist, and Sondo will be the Engineering Specialist!

For the first time a Sarnus Va rocket will deliver both the crew and the mission payload – Crew Vehicle 1 was designed initially as the replacement for the Aurora Crew Vehicle, but this is the first time it will be fully integrated into the stack!

This will also be the first test of the DSV-Lander – designed to fit into the DSV Payload bay! The Sarnus Va launch will also include the new DSV Science & Relay Satellite, that will be docked with the nose of the spacecraft and deployed in orbit of Moho!

Year 19, Day 377 (Mirphe and Samner Return to Orbit, DSV-4 Endeavor Departs Moho!)

After camping out on Moho for 64 days (a record!) Mirphe and Samner blast off, leaving behind all the science gear and the rover!

“Systems nominal… fuel supply will be… well, a little tight!”

“What’s that mean!?”

“Well, as long as I don’t make any mistakes whatsoever we probably have enough fuel to rendezvous!”


Thankfully, after reaching orbit there is *just* enough fuel to rendevous! The remaining fuel is a very low 12 d/v supply!

“Ok – we’re lined up … moving in to dock!”

“Welcome aboard! It was getting boring up here! Next time we visit we need to bring a lander that can fit everyone!”

Samner stows all the scientific data and samples, while Gillian gets the reactor powered up!

The lander is undocked, and drifts away from Endeavor!

“Course set! We’re ready to head home!”

Endeavor powers up it’s nuclear engine and the spacecraft departs Moho!

The journey to Moho has taken much more fuel than initially planned – the lack of an atmosphere or any moons means very little natural assistance with slowing down!

Endeavor flies away from Moho, heading home!

Meanwhile, the crew enters cryostasis!

“Mission Control… this is Mirphe on Endeavor! Samner and Gillian have successfully entered Cryo-Stasis.. handing over Vehicle to Mission Control! Endeavor Out!”

“See you soon Endeavor!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

Year 19, Day 314 (Mirphe and Samner Return to Moho Lander!)

After a very long day exploring Moho (at least the 3km west of the landing site!) Mirphe and Samner return to the lander!

“Let’s see how fast we can get the rover going!”

“Let’s not!!”

Approaching nearly 25 meters per second, the rover comes up to a large ridge!

“Ahh! Watch out for the bump!”

Thankfully, after going ‘airborne’ for only a moment, the lander sets back down safely and continues on it’s journey back to the lander!

“Nothing to worry about Samner – sorry for the scare! We trained for this back on Kerbin, I’ll keep us safe!”

“Whew! Ok good! Hey, let’s use the headlights of the rover to get a better picture of us in front of the flag!”

Parking the rover a little away, Samner and Mirphe pose for their landing portait…

…then head back to the rover to rest! They’ll stay on Moho for several days, and may go on another rover trip soon!

“Excellent work – all three of you!”
-Gene, back at Mission Control

Year 19, Day 313 (Mirphe and Samner Explore Moho!)

Mirphe and Samner head west from the landing site, at the highlands, hoping to reach the midlands! So far the rover initially designed for Duna appears quite capable on Moho!

“Definitely no problem with power… we’re so close to the sun the solar panels are almost dangerously hot!”

Suddenly, a strange rock formation appears on the horizon…

“What could that be!?”

Mirphe drives the rover closer and closer!

“Temperature is rising as we approach… be careful!”

It looks like some kind of massive magma formation – Kerbal astronomers call them “Moon Frowns!”

“Well that’s a terribly silly name!

“The technical name is a Wrinkle Ridge… it’s the result of magma settling after cooling!”

“I think ‘Wrinkle Ridge’ is even sillier!”

Samner directs the scanning arm, taking proper measurements of the ‘Wrinkle Ridge!’

Year 19, Day 312 (DSV-4 Endeavor Arrives at Moho!)

Endeavor arrives at Moho! The engines begin automatically firing to capture in orbit. Meanwhile, the crew is woken up from Cryo-Stasis!

“Brrr! We must have arrived! I need to get to the command module, I hear the engines firing!”

Gillian and Samner wake up too, and start preparations for entering orbit!

The burn to capture orbit is nearly 15 minutes long!

It takes a while, but eventually the final orbit is reached…

A very close 15k orbit above the surface! Another burn occurs to take Endeavor’s inclination closer to Moho’s equator – everything is being done to get as much deltaV out of the onboard lander as possible!

“Mission Control, this is Mirphe… Ideal orbit achieved! Endeavor preparing for crewed Moho Landing!”

Back at mission control, everyone cheers!

“Get some rest for the surface mission Endeavor!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

Year 19, Day 200 (DSV-4 Endeavor Crew Launches on Aurora 25, Endeavor Departs for Moho!)

The crew for DSV-4’s first mission is announced – Pilot Mirphe, Engineer Gillian, and Scientist Samner! The crew board Aurora 25, carrying the Moho lander and a Rover!

The rover is the exact design of the most recent Aurora mission – Aurora 24, using the RCS deployer.

Aurora 25 blasts off!

“All dials look good… systems nominal.”

The solids detach, and the second stage ejects shortly after, bringing Aurora 25 to orbit!

“Now we just need to rendezvous with Endeavor!”

“Easier said than done! These DSV payload/crew missions are one of the most complicated piloting challenges!”

“Hey – don’t worry, I’m a professional!”

Mirphe rendezvouses with Endeavor – placing Aurora 25 500 meters away!

“Crew Vehicle separating… starting crew docking maneuver!”

“Roger that! Good luck!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

The Aurora 25 Crew Vehicle moves in to dock with Endeavor!

“Success! We’re docked! Switching controls over to the Moho Lander… starting Lander Docking Maneuver!”

The lander detaches from the rover, and slowly moves in closer and closer to Endeavor’s cargo bay! The primary communications dish is retracted to avoid any incidents!

“Almost there…. got it!”

Next, all cargo is unloaded from the Aurora Crew Vehicle, which disconnects!

“OK Mirphe… sensors show the ACV is clear of Endeavor. You’re good to remotely pilot the rover on over!”

Mirphe pilots the rover, using about 20% of it’s RCS fuel.

“Ok, rover captured! Let’s get the cargo bay closed and head out!”

“Reactor at full… radiators show nominal flow… crew and supplies stowed… I think we’re good to fire the engine!”

“Course has been fed into the computer, we’re ready!”

With that, Mirphe fires the Colossus Engine, and the nuclear engine carries Endeavor on it’s way to Moho!

“Burn almost complete!”

Endeavor’s engines stop firing, and the spacecraft appears to be on course for Moho! In a few days the crew will enter cryo-stasis and rest for their interplanetary voyage!

Year 19, Day 177 (DSV-4 Endeavor Launches to Orbit!)

DSV-4 Endeavor is readied for launch at KSC! The Horizon-class Deep Space Vehicle will be the third re-usable deep space vehicle in KSEA’s fleet!

“Awesome, we have a fleet now!

The powerful Jool-7 Rocket blasts off, and slowly lifts Endeavor to orbit!

After the solid rockets eject, the 7 primary engines circularize the orbit, until Endeavor reaches a 100k orbit!

“We’ll call that another success ladies and gentlemen! Endeavor has reached orbit!”

Rumors have it Moho will be the destination for Endeavor… although exact plans have not been announced!

Year 18, Day 300 (DSV-3 Horizon Construction Update!)

Construction of the next Deep Space Vehicle, Horizon, is nearly 90% complete! Progress has been slower than expected however, as new features and upgrades continue to be devised and then incorporated into the design.

These features keep creeping in, and slowing down development of the spacecraft!

“We’ve gotta stop adding stuff and get this thing built!


While Horizon shares the same basic construction of Discovery, the most notable new feature is a massive cargo bay, designed to allow Horizon to carry a Lander or other payloads to its destination!

KSEA promises that blueprints will be available soon!

There is no word yet on the destination of Horizon… With the window for Sarnus closing soon, many Kerbals speculate Moho will be the likely target!