Year 19, Day 313 (Mirphe and Samner Explore Moho!)

Mirphe and Samner head west from the landing site, at the highlands, hoping to reach the midlands! So far the rover initially designed for Duna appears quite capable on Moho!

“Definitely no problem with power… we’re so close to the sun the solar panels are almost dangerously hot!”

Suddenly, a strange rock formation appears on the horizon…

“What could that be!?”

Mirphe drives the rover closer and closer!

“Temperature is rising as we approach… be careful!”

It looks like some kind of massive magma formation – Kerbal astronomers call them “Moon Frowns!”

“Well that’s a terribly silly name!

“The technical name is a Wrinkle Ridge… it’s the result of magma settling after cooling!”

“I think ‘Wrinkle Ridge’ is even sillier!”

Samner directs the scanning arm, taking proper measurements of the ‘Wrinkle Ridge!’

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