Year 19, Day 313 (Mirphe and Samner Depart Endeavor and Land on Moho!)

After resting for a day, Mirphe and Samner board the Moho Lander! Gillian will stay aboard Endeavor to monitor the mission!

“Undocking lander from Endeavor … I’m going to gently fire the RCS thrusters to move us to a safe distance!”

The Moho lander moves away from Endeavor, and comes to a holding position 100m away from the spacecraft!

Ok, you’re clear to detach the rover from the lander!”

The rover detaches, and Mirphe remotely pilots the rover, and slowly moves toward the lander, orienting itself to dock!

“OK – rover is stationary. Moving the lander in to dock!”

“We have a solid connection! Prepare for landing!”


The aerospike engine fires, and the lander moves down to the surface!

The lander makes a quick descent – dropping from the low orbit of 15k it takes almost no time at all to reach the surface!

“Landing in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1….”

“Contact! We have touched down on Moho!”

As the aerospike landing engine cools, the crew prepares for surface exploration!

Deploying the rover!”

It’s a close one, but after a flipy and tipsy ejection from the lander, the rover sets down on the surface!

“Yikes! Maybe you should deploy the rover next time Mirphe!”

“It’s ok! Besides, even if it flipped the RCS-deployer is so powerful we could probably use the thrusters to fix it!”

The antenna arrays, cargo bay, and ladder deploy… and Mirphe heads out of the lander!

“Ground feels nice and solid! Your turn Samner!”

“Oh wow!”

Samner climbs out…

…and runs over to Mirphe!

“Why don’t you plant the flag Samner?”

Samner pulls out a Kerbal States flag, and plants it in the ground!

After planting the flag, Smaner starts unloading the science equipment!

“That about does it! Equipment is all set up… fully powered and it looks like we’re getting a signal!”

Next, Mirphe and Samner watch as the Rover-Deployer takes off!

“There it goes!”

Samner and Mirphe climb into the rover… and head out!

“It’s time for adventure!”

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