Year 19, Day 312 (DSV-4 Endeavor Arrives at Moho!)

Endeavor arrives at Moho! The engines begin automatically firing to capture in orbit. Meanwhile, the crew is woken up from Cryo-Stasis!

“Brrr! We must have arrived! I need to get to the command module, I hear the engines firing!”

Gillian and Samner wake up too, and start preparations for entering orbit!

The burn to capture orbit is nearly 15 minutes long!

It takes a while, but eventually the final orbit is reached…

A very close 15k orbit above the surface! Another burn occurs to take Endeavor’s inclination closer to Moho’s equator – everything is being done to get as much deltaV out of the onboard lander as possible!

“Mission Control, this is Mirphe… Ideal orbit achieved! Endeavor preparing for crewed Moho Landing!”

Back at mission control, everyone cheers!

“Get some rest for the surface mission Endeavor!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

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