Year 21, Day 30 (‘Operation Moving Day’ Gets a Green Light…to move Kerbin Spaceport to Mun!)

Mission Control gives the plan to relocate the old Kerbin Spaceport to Mun a name: Operation Moving Day!  The audacious plan will move the old Kerbin Spaceport… to Mun orbit!

One of the already built “Asteroid Movers” is modified with a docking port that should connect to the Spaceport, and launches on a Sarnus Va rocket!

The Station-Mover rendezvouses with Kerbin Spaceport…

…and docks!

Remote sensors indicate a good lock! Nice work!


Bill, KSEA’s senior engineer will fly up in a Crew Vehicle to oversee the entire process! Edan will be the mission commander, and Gilian will be going up for her engineering expertise!

Crew Vehicle 6 carrying Edan, Bill, and Gilian blasts off from White Mesa!

“There it is – Old Kerbin Spaceport!”


“Soon to be Mun Spaceport!”


“Hey – that’s catchy!”


Crew Vehicle 6 docks!

Bill, Gilian, and Edan board the station and check things out!

Very slow control

Year 19, Day 320 (KSEA Announces Construction of Kerbin Spacedock!)

KSEA is pleased to announce the newest space station – Kerbin Spacedock! This fully stocked crew facility in orbit will serve as the central hub for the Deep Space Vehicle fleet, providing a place for crew to return, rest, train, and even get promoted!

The station has three distinct components: the Docking Section with three ports at the end for Deep Space Vehicles, and two on the sides for Crew Vehicles arriving from the surface. The Habitat Section provides comfortable long-term orbital living for Kerbals and has almost all the comforts of home! Not pictured is a new Fuel-Supply module that will provide in-orbit refueling and resupply of the DSV fleet!

Construction has begun on the three modules (depleting the bulk of KSEA’s funds for quite some time!) Blueprints will likely be updated as launch date gets closer, and feature-creep inevitably slows down the production!

“Kerbin Spaceport has served KSEA and the Kerbal States well for years. However, it was built with a different kind of spacecraft and a different kind of mission in mind – Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer tanks with no option for changing fuel types, and docking ports that are too close together for the DSV fleet! With Kerbin Spacedock we’ll finally have a true home in the sky!”

Year 19, Day 179 (Medical Evacuation from Kerbin Spaceport!)

Onboard the Spaceport, Engineer Kerlorf reports his stomach feels strange… so KSEA decides to return him to the surface just in case!

The Aurora Crew Vehicle detaches from the station…

… then reenters the atmosphere, landing near the waters at KSC!

“After a thorough examination our science team has indicated Engineer Kerlorf was just hungry! We’ve administered a healthy amount of snacks, and he should be good as new in a day!”

Year 18, Day 401 (Kerbin Spaceport Crew Rotation… and a Surprise Asteroid Mission!)

It’s time for a crew rotation (and life support delivery) to the Kerbin Spaceport! Orlas, Glenica, and Edan will be returning, while Val, Sean, and Kerlorf will be heading up! Val will pilot ACV-2 to orbit!

“Launch was good! We’re on course for the Spaceport!”

The ACV floats past the station, as Val maneuvers to line up with the docking extension of the station!

Success! The ACV docks! Alongside it are the previous version of the Aurora Crew Vehicle that last crew took up, as well as the Aurora 23 command vehicle from the launch that delivered crew and supplies to DSV-3 Horizon!

Hey – I have an idea! Before we head back… let’s see if the Aurora 23 command vehicle has enough DeltaV to reach that asteroid that’s been causing Mission Control so much trouble!”

Mission Command considers the request and gives the OK!

“If you three want to risk it, you’ve got our OK! Just be safe!”

“I suppose if this spacecraft can reach Mun… it should be able to reach that asteroid!”

Orlas, Glenica, and Edan transfer over to the Aurora 23 vehicle… and depart the station! While the ACV isn’t equipped with any advanced scientific instrumentation, surface samples should be able to be collected using equipment on the ACV!

Engines are GO!”

Edan brings the Aurora Crew Vehicle alongside asteroid

“Ok! I’m heading out! That’s quite the space rock!”

Orlas uses his EVA pack to move closer and closer….

…until he lands on the asteroid!!

I’ve landed on the asteroid! I can’t quite get a flag in here… but I think I can get a good sample!”

Orlas uses his EVA pack to move back to the ship…

…and climbs back inside!

Nice work Orlas!”

The crew makes preparations to return to Kerbin, now that a good Asteroid Sample has been taken!

Edan plots a return course to Kerbin… and fires the engine!

Aurora 23 burns through the atmosphere, until the friction slows it down enough to deploy the parachutes!

Success!! Aurora 23 sets down on Kerbin! Recovery teams rush to rescue the crew, and the science recovered from the Asteroid!

Year 17, Day 328 (Kerbin Spaceport Docking Expansion Arrives at Spaceport!)

After being launched to orbit by a Jool Va rocket, the latest expansion of the Spaceport has arrived! The docking port expansion was needed due to the congestion at the spaceport – mostly caused by the new centrifugal ring taking up so much space!

The docking port is brought in closer and closer…

…unit it connects! The station’s engineers head over to make sure everything is safe!

“Looks good! I think we’re ready to start using this for docking procedures!”
-Dunwin, on board Kerbin Spaceport

Year 17, Day 242 (Malcolm Test-Pilots Mk10 Aurora Crew Vehicle!)

Malcolm blasts off in the new Mk10 Crew Vehicle!

The crew vehicle quickly reaches orbit, then Malcolm sets course for the Spaceport!

“This cabin is so roomy! Much more breathing room in here!”

After rendezvousing with the Spaceport, Malcolm docks the spacecraft!

“Yikes! This centrifugal wheel is sure close to the docking ports! We should add something to make docking safer!”

After some system tests, Malcolm undocks, and heads back to the surface!

The Mk10 decouples, and the command module heads back to the surface!

“Heading down… a little bumpy… but I’m on course to land just west of the Space Center!

The landing engines fire to slow down the Mk10…

… then the parachute deploys!

Malcolm climbs out, and the Mk10 is given approval for future production!

Year 17, Day 240 (Mk10 Aurora Crew Vehicle Design Released!)

KSEA releases blueprints and announces construction of the next generation of Aurora Crew Vehicles, the Mk10!

This new design solves (hopefully) a problem the space program has had for sometime – resupply missions to Kerbin Spaceport have often required specialized equipment or utilizing expensive and overpowered launch vehicles for taking snacks and other essentials to Kerbin Orbit.

The streamlined design also forgoes the traditional escape tower for integrated landing rockets that double as an escape system and to slow the spacecraft down on return to Kerbin! Not shown is the integrated parachute that blueprint designers forgot to make note of.

Year 17, Day 118 (Crew Delivery to Kerbin Spaceport!)

With the (hopefully temporary!) loss of the three Crew Shuttles, KSEA steps up production on multiple Aurora Crew Vehicles. 2 will be kept docked at Kerbin Spaceport in orbit, and another 2 will be on standby on the ground. Mirphe and Kimmy blast off!

“These ACV’s aren’t as fun to fly as the Crew Shuttles, but they sure are dependable! I just wish we could land them more accurately!”

The ACV docks with Kerbin Spaceport!

“Easy as 1,2,3!”