Year 17, Day 328 (Kerbin Spaceport Docking Expansion Arrives at Spaceport!)

After being launched to orbit by a Jool Va rocket, the latest expansion of the Spaceport has arrived! The docking port expansion was needed due to the congestion at the spaceport – mostly caused by the new centrifugal ring taking up so much space!

The docking port is brought in closer and closer…

…unit it connects! The station’s engineers head over to make sure everything is safe!

“Looks good! I think we’re ready to start using this for docking procedures!”
-Dunwin, on board Kerbin Spaceport

Year 17, Day 12 (Spaceport Expansion Launches!)

The Sarnus Va Rocket carrying the experimental Habitat Expansion blasts off, heading to the Spaceport!

The vehicle eventually rendezvouses with the Spaceport…

… and Dunwin EVA’s to check things out!

“Looks like it made the trip up OK! Let’s get it installed!”

The vehicle is remotely piloted closer and closer, until it docks!

The engineers work and before long, the centrifugal ring inflates, and starts spinning!

“We did it! This new habitat is comfy looking too! So far the Spaceport hasn’t spun out of control wildly, so far so good!”

The Habitat Expansion will remain on the station while the crew tests it for future deep-space applications! They also watch some fun movies.

Year 16, Day 380 (KerbScan1 Launches!)

KerbScan1 blasts off! Unlike most launches from the space center, KerbScan launches into an 85 degree orbit – to better scan the surface of the planet!

Scientists think that a 200k polar orbit is ideal – so the sattelite burns…

…and then ejects it’s orbital stage! Already the cameras are transmitting some amazing images of the auroras at the poles! Works starts right away on another KerbScan!

Year 16, Day 366 (X-5 Exploration Mission!)

Mission Control has been detecting some strange radio transmissions west of the Space Center – in the desert! Mitster and Kimmy jump at the opprotunity to do something besides watching rockets get built!

“Let’s fire up the X-5 and check it out!”

“Let’s go!”

“OK… maximum thrust – afterburners… burning!”

“This is the fastest aircraft KSEA has – if anything can find out what’s causing that signal.. it’s the X-5!”

Indeed – in the early days of the Kerbal States, the X-5 was regularly used to explore every meter of Kerbin! Once there were several facilities all across Kerbin… but no one seems to talk with them much!

The X-5 accelerates to nearly 1000 m/s easily reaching the west coast….

And reaching the desert coast!

“There sure is a lot of sand out here! Oh wait! There’s something down there! We flew past it we were going so fast!”

“I’ll do a barrel roll!”


“That’s what I saw! It looks like an airstrip! Let’s check it out!”

I’m not sure this will be a smooth landing… hold on!”

The X-5 sets down! Not only is there an airstrip, but there appears to be a rocket launching pad as well!

Nice work! We’ll get a team out there ASAP… maybe we can start using the facility!” It’ll need a good name though….

Year 12, Day 419 (Discovery Leaves Mun, Returns to Kerbin!)

In orbit of Mun, Discovery powers up its reactors for the return journey to Kerbin.

“Systems read nominal – firing thrusters!”

Discovery’s engines fire, and the craft leaves Mun orbit!

Reactor is still stable – lithium flow stable… heat levels within specifications!

Discovery returns safely to Kerbin!

Now… let’s see if this thing can dock with the Spaceport again!

Rendevous course set… firing thrusters! “

Discovery moves closer and closer to the Spaceport, until finally it’s visible to the naked eye!

Discovery fires its engines to match velocities!

Power down reactors… switching to RCS from here!

“Almost there… “

Discovery docks with Kerbin Spaceport!

I’d call that a successful first mission of the Discovery!”

Year 9, Day 25 (Kerbin Spaceport Announced!)

Kerbin Spaceport Blueprint.png

Kerbin Spaceport.pngKSEA announces plans for a new space station in orbit of Kerbin – a Kerbin Spaceport The new station is intended to replace the existing Kerbin Space Station.

Development has only just begun, however the facility is being designed as a jumping off point for missions to deep space, with new and shinier science facilities!

Perhaps most importantly will be the addition of a logistics hub, which will automate fueling missions to the new Spaceport! The core of the new station will be launched on a Jool IV rocket.  Once the budget allows construction will commence at once!


Year 4, Day 350 (X-5 Research Mission 1)

x5 research missions.png

A new research mission to study Kerbin is launched.  The X-5 will be taken out by Mitster and Orlas – recently returned from Eve! A Gravity Sensor is installed in the cargo bay. screenshot1255.png

“Here we go! Reaching optimal altitude for the X-5… 9000km!”



The X-5 flies over X5RM01-A – and Orlas notices something!

Looks like we made a mapping error – woops!  The X-5 has already explored this canyon, and the Monolith that’s down there!



We better keep moving anyway… that looks like it would be a tricky landing!



X5RM01-B isn’t very far away, and Mitster takes the X-5 down for a landing.  Orlas hops out, and checks the scientific instruments… then the jet takes off again!


Hey – will you look at that!  One of the ground stations for communications – cool!


Mitster takes the X-5 down to X5RM01-C!


Certainly there’s some staff at that communications station that could have done this survey?   Ah well.  The X-5 takes off… heading north!


Better turn on the cabin heaters… it’s getting chilly!



“Ok – this is the site where orbital sensors indicated a strange anomaly. I’m going out to check it out!”



Oh wow!  Mitster, get out and check this out!


Orlas runs toward what looks like a crashed … saucer of some kind!


Mitster puts on the parking brake and climbs out….


Then runs to meet up with Orlas at the crashed saucer!


“Wow!  They’ll never believe this back at KSC!  We better take lots of pictures and samples!”



It’s starting to get pretty late… so Mitster and Orlas take off, and head back to KSC.


Thankfully, there’s justenough fuel to reach the Space Center!


Orlas and Mitster hop out of the X-5 and rush to tell the others about their exciting discoveries!  The X-5 is brought in to be refurbished.