Year 16, Day 366 (X-5 Exploration Mission!)

Mission Control has been detecting some strange radio transmissions west of the Space Center – in the desert! Mitster and Kimmy jump at the opprotunity to do something besides watching rockets get built!

“Let’s fire up the X-5 and check it out!”

“Let’s go!”

“OK… maximum thrust – afterburners… burning!”

“This is the fastest aircraft KSEA has – if anything can find out what’s causing that signal.. it’s the X-5!”

Indeed – in the early days of the Kerbal States, the X-5 was regularly used to explore every meter of Kerbin! Once there were several facilities all across Kerbin… but no one seems to talk with them much!

The X-5 accelerates to nearly 1000 m/s easily reaching the west coast….

And reaching the desert coast!

“There sure is a lot of sand out here! Oh wait! There’s something down there! We flew past it we were going so fast!”

“I’ll do a barrel roll!”


“That’s what I saw! It looks like an airstrip! Let’s check it out!”

I’m not sure this will be a smooth landing… hold on!”

The X-5 sets down! Not only is there an airstrip, but there appears to be a rocket launching pad as well!

Nice work! We’ll get a team out there ASAP… maybe we can start using the facility!” It’ll need a good name though….

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