Year 17, Day 12 (Spaceport Expansion Launches!)

The Sarnus Va Rocket carrying the experimental Habitat Expansion blasts off, heading to the Spaceport!

The vehicle eventually rendezvouses with the Spaceport…

… and Dunwin EVA’s to check things out!

“Looks like it made the trip up OK! Let’s get it installed!”

The vehicle is remotely piloted closer and closer, until it docks!

The engineers work and before long, the centrifugal ring inflates, and starts spinning!

“We did it! This new habitat is comfy looking too! So far the Spaceport hasn’t spun out of control wildly, so far so good!”

The Habitat Expansion will remain on the station while the crew tests it for future deep-space applications! They also watch some fun movies.

2 thoughts on “Year 17, Day 12 (Spaceport Expansion Launches!)

    • hehehe – when I did Aurora 13 I actually thought about some kind of problem… I’ve actually played around with mods that add random part failures etc, but a lot of times they’re more annoying than actually fun!


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