Year 17, Day 45 (Intrepid Returns to Desert Site From Kerbin Spaceport!)

Seely, Val, and Samner board Intrepid and undock from the Spaceport! For the first time, a Crew Shuttle will attempt a landing at the new Desert facility!

Ever since the facility was discovered, crews have been establishing equipment and supplies to start using the launch site and runways!

“KSC – I think we have a problem! There was a loud explosion – I think the nose cone exploded!!”

Indeed – Intrepid’s entry angle may have been off, and the nosecone has violently exploded!

“I think we’re lucky – I should be able to slow down enough to avoid anything else exploding from the re-entry heat! Landing site coming up…”

“Ok – we’re in the pipe… five by five! Hold on!”

Intrepid touches down, but skids off the runway! Not an auspicious start for the Desert Facility! KSEA decides that pending a review, ALL Crew Shuttles missions are suspended, and the Crew Shuttle program is halted until further notice!

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