Year 12, Day 422 (Construction Begins on DSV Refuelling Vehicle)

Construction starts on a refuelling vehicle to deliver Lithium to Kerbin Spaceport, for use with the new class of Deep Space vehicles (such as DSV-2, Discovery.)

The craft will be a reffited version of the spacecraft used to refuel Duna Spaceport, and is set to be launched on the first stage of a Jool-3 rocket!

Year 12, Day 419 (Discovery Leaves Mun, Returns to Kerbin!)

In orbit of Mun, Discovery powers up its reactors for the return journey to Kerbin.

“Systems read nominal – firing thrusters!”

Discovery’s engines fire, and the craft leaves Mun orbit!

Reactor is still stable – lithium flow stable… heat levels within specifications!

Discovery returns safely to Kerbin!

Now… let’s see if this thing can dock with the Spaceport again!

Rendevous course set… firing thrusters! “

Discovery moves closer and closer to the Spaceport, until finally it’s visible to the naked eye!

Discovery fires its engines to match velocities!

Power down reactors… switching to RCS from here!

“Almost there… “

Discovery docks with Kerbin Spaceport!

I’d call that a successful first mission of the Discovery!”

Year 12, Day 415 (Discovery Mission 1 Leaves for Mun!)

screenshot2.pngDiscovery detaches from Kerbin Spaceport!

“Systems are go for the transit to Mun!”


Discovery’s powerful monopropelleant RCS thrusters move the ship to a safe distance from the Spaceport, and then the nuclear reactor is powered up!

“All systems appear nominal – power is at 100 percent – we’re good to fire the main engines! “



“Course set – Lithium flow confirmed… Magneto-plasma-dynamic thrusters at full!”


Discovery moves away from the station, away from Kerbin… and toward Mun!


Year 12, Day 413 (DSV-2 Discovery Launches and Docks With Kerbin Spaceport!)


The Jool Vb rocket launches from the space center, carrying Discovery to orbit!


The orbital maneuvering stage activates, circularizing the orbit and beginning the rendezvous to the Spaceport!


Meanwhile, the protective fairings deploy…


… and Discovery’s communication dish unfolds!

“So far so good!”

-Gene, at Mission Control

For the docking manuever it’s decided an experienced pilot should take Discovery’s controls, so Edan EVA’s over to the ship!


Ok – I’m outside the station, and heading over!



Edan expertly pilots his EVA suit over to Discovery!


Wow!  This is one big ship!  I can’t wait to pilot it!



Once inside Edan switches on the external lights and ejects the orbital stage!


OK – I’m going to fly Discovery over to the other side of the station.



For a ship this size, it handles surprisngly well!  Must be those extra large RCS thrusters!



Edan lines Discovery up to the docking section…


… and connects!  4 different Kerbal States spacecraft are now docked with the station, Discovery, a Mk7 Aurora Crew Vehicle, a Crew Transport Shuttle, and Explorer 5!

Alright!  Let’s start getting Discovery ready for her maiden voyage!



Year 12, Day 406 (Discovery Crew Launches to Kerbin Spaceport!)


Intrepid blasts off from the Space Center, carrying Edan and Bill to Kerbin Spaceport!  They’ll meet Orlas and train together for Crewed Mission 1 (CM1) of the Discovery!


“OK – rendezvous course set to Kerbin Spaceport!”



Edan docks Intrepid with the Spaceport!  3 different spacecraft are now docked – with a fourth on the way – Discovery!


Year 12, Day 400 (DSV-2 Discovery Blueprints Released!)

KSEA releases designs for the reusable interplanetary spacecraft Discovery! Discovery is said to have nearly 4 times the range of the Explorer 5-class spacecraft and is designed to orbit Sarnus and return to Kerbin Spaceport!

This will be the second deep space vehicle, the first was the failed DSV-1 Explorer.

Crew Mission 1 (CM1) will be a full systems test consisting of a short flight to Mun and returning to Kerbin Spaceport.

The mission profile for CM2 will be shaped by these results, but KSEA administrators hope Discovery can do what it was designed for: the journey to Sarnus!

Year 12, Day 392 (Pathfinder 3 Probe 1 Lost)



Pathfinder 3 deploys it’s first probe!


Little was known about Vall when Pathfinder 3 was launched, it is now obvious that the probe suite on Pathfinder 3 is somewhat ill equipped – Vall has no atmosphere so the parachute and heat shield are a waste of mass!


Pathfinder 3’s first probe also has insufficient fuel to slow down in time, and the probe crashes into the surface!


The probe transmits this haunting photo of Jool and the surface of Vall right before communications are lost!


Year 12, Day 286 (Adventure Returns Explorer 5 Crew to Kerbin From Kerbin Spaceport!)


Val, Bill, and Bob board Adventure!  Edan will pilot them back to the Space Center, since Val is still recovering from the long cryo-sleep!


Adventure streaks through the atmosphere!


“Trajectory seems good so far – hold on everyone!”



Edan performs a few manuevers to adjust the heading – Adventure‘s air brakes had to be used in pulses to slow the craft down – a few timed bursts of the engines accelerate the craft so it won’t land short of the Space Center!


“Ok. Adventure is in the pipe – five by five!”



Adventure lands, returning the Explorer 5 crew to Kerbin!  KSEA scientists begin collecing the data brought back, and Val, Bill, and Bob head to the Astronaut Complex to recover!  Meanwhile, the crew shuttle is recovered and begins repairs and refits for it’s next launch!