Year 12, Day 400 (DSV-2 Discovery Blueprints Released!)

KSEA releases designs for the reusable interplanetary spacecraft Discovery! Discovery is said to have nearly 4 times the range of the Explorer 5-class spacecraft and is designed to orbit Sarnus and return to Kerbin Spaceport!

This will be the second deep space vehicle, the first was the failed DSV-1 Explorer.

Crew Mission 1 (CM1) will be a full systems test consisting of a short flight to Mun and returning to Kerbin Spaceport.

The mission profile for CM2 will be shaped by these results, but KSEA administrators hope Discovery can do what it was designed for: the journey to Sarnus!

3 thoughts on “Year 12, Day 400 (DSV-2 Discovery Blueprints Released!)

  1. Discovery is of course a reference to Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    This is the second version of the blueprint – I changed some sizing and layout, the craft itself didn’t change.


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