Year 12, Day 413 (DSV-2 Discovery Launches and Docks With Kerbin Spaceport!)


The Jool Vb rocket launches from the space center, carrying Discovery to orbit!


The orbital maneuvering stage activates, circularizing the orbit and beginning the rendezvous to the Spaceport!


Meanwhile, the protective fairings deploy…


… and Discovery’s communication dish unfolds!

“So far so good!”

-Gene, at Mission Control

For the docking manuever it’s decided an experienced pilot should take Discovery’s controls, so Edan EVA’s over to the ship!


Ok – I’m outside the station, and heading over!



Edan expertly pilots his EVA suit over to Discovery!


Wow!  This is one big ship!  I can’t wait to pilot it!



Once inside Edan switches on the external lights and ejects the orbital stage!


OK – I’m going to fly Discovery over to the other side of the station.



For a ship this size, it handles surprisngly well!  Must be those extra large RCS thrusters!



Edan lines Discovery up to the docking section…


… and connects!  4 different Kerbal States spacecraft are now docked with the station, Discovery, a Mk7 Aurora Crew Vehicle, a Crew Transport Shuttle, and Explorer 5!

Alright!  Let’s start getting Discovery ready for her maiden voyage!



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