Year 12, Day 419 (Discovery Leaves Mun, Returns to Kerbin!)

In orbit of Mun, Discovery powers up its reactors for the return journey to Kerbin.

“Systems read nominal – firing thrusters!”

Discovery’s engines fire, and the craft leaves Mun orbit!

Reactor is still stable – lithium flow stable… heat levels within specifications!

Discovery returns safely to Kerbin!

Now… let’s see if this thing can dock with the Spaceport again!

Rendevous course set… firing thrusters! “

Discovery moves closer and closer to the Spaceport, until finally it’s visible to the naked eye!

Discovery fires its engines to match velocities!

Power down reactors… switching to RCS from here!

“Almost there… “

Discovery docks with Kerbin Spaceport!

I’d call that a successful first mission of the Discovery!”

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