Year 19, Day 314 (Mirphe and Samner Return to Moho Lander!)

After a very long day exploring Moho (at least the 3km west of the landing site!) Mirphe and Samner return to the lander!

“Let’s see how fast we can get the rover going!”

“Let’s not!!”

Approaching nearly 25 meters per second, the rover comes up to a large ridge!

“Ahh! Watch out for the bump!”

Thankfully, after going ‘airborne’ for only a moment, the lander sets back down safely and continues on it’s journey back to the lander!

“Nothing to worry about Samner – sorry for the scare! We trained for this back on Kerbin, I’ll keep us safe!”

“Whew! Ok good! Hey, let’s use the headlights of the rover to get a better picture of us in front of the flag!”

Parking the rover a little away, Samner and Mirphe pose for their landing portait…

…then head back to the rover to rest! They’ll stay on Moho for several days, and may go on another rover trip soon!

“Excellent work – all three of you!”
-Gene, back at Mission Control

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