Year 19, Day 200 (DSV-4 Endeavor Crew Launches on Aurora 25, Endeavor Departs for Moho!)

The crew for DSV-4’s first mission is announced – Pilot Mirphe, Engineer Gillian, and Scientist Samner! The crew board Aurora 25, carrying the Moho lander and a Rover!

The rover is the exact design of the most recent Aurora mission – Aurora 24, using the RCS deployer.

Aurora 25 blasts off!

“All dials look good… systems nominal.”

The solids detach, and the second stage ejects shortly after, bringing Aurora 25 to orbit!

“Now we just need to rendezvous with Endeavor!”

“Easier said than done! These DSV payload/crew missions are one of the most complicated piloting challenges!”

“Hey – don’t worry, I’m a professional!”

Mirphe rendezvouses with Endeavor – placing Aurora 25 500 meters away!

“Crew Vehicle separating… starting crew docking maneuver!”

“Roger that! Good luck!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

The Aurora 25 Crew Vehicle moves in to dock with Endeavor!

“Success! We’re docked! Switching controls over to the Moho Lander… starting Lander Docking Maneuver!”

The lander detaches from the rover, and slowly moves in closer and closer to Endeavor’s cargo bay! The primary communications dish is retracted to avoid any incidents!

“Almost there…. got it!”

Next, all cargo is unloaded from the Aurora Crew Vehicle, which disconnects!

“OK Mirphe… sensors show the ACV is clear of Endeavor. You’re good to remotely pilot the rover on over!”

Mirphe pilots the rover, using about 20% of it’s RCS fuel.

“Ok, rover captured! Let’s get the cargo bay closed and head out!”

“Reactor at full… radiators show nominal flow… crew and supplies stowed… I think we’re good to fire the engine!”

“Course has been fed into the computer, we’re ready!”

With that, Mirphe fires the Colossus Engine, and the nuclear engine carries Endeavor on it’s way to Moho!

“Burn almost complete!”

Endeavor’s engines stop firing, and the spacecraft appears to be on course for Moho! In a few days the crew will enter cryo-stasis and rest for their interplanetary voyage!