Year 2, Day 110 (Spacelab 2 Launches!)

screenshot316.pngJebediah and rookie Orlas are chosen to take Discovery 3 and its payload for Spacelab 2 to orbit! After the first stage ejects, the fairings protecting the new space station eject, revealing the whole craft.


Looks a lot like those drawings we have for a deep space vehicle!


After some tricking maneuvering, Discovery 3 rendezvous with Spacelab!

“I see you guys!”


Discovery 3 moves in closer and closer… screenshot325

Once in range, Orlas exits the command pod of Discovery 2… screenshot328

While Bill exits the old Spacelab!  The two give each other a ‘high five’ as they pass, switching seats in space!  Orlas will be the first new crew on Spacelab 2, and Bill will return with Jeb to the surface.

See you soon Orlas!  We’ll be in touch!


screenshot334.pngThe Discovery 3 command pod returns to Kerbin! Great job guys!  Bill and Jeb get some well deserved rest.




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