Year 2, Day 101 (Spacelab 2 Revealed)

The next Kerbal Space Station is revealed… Spacelab 2 will be launched shortly!  The mission will be part of the Discovery 3 launch (crew not yet decided.)


The mission outline is to launch Spacelab 2 into orbit, as well as a re-designed Discovery Crew Vehicle.  The combined craft will rendezvous with the original Spacelab, rescue Bill (who has been sitting by himself on Spacelab 1 for some time), then proceed to a new orbit, separate from the station and return to Kerbin!

The launch will render Spacelab 1 obsolete.  However the addition of docking ports means that Spacelab 2 will be upgrade-able!  Scientists and engineers are already busily dreaming what new modules they can attach! Construction begins right away!

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