Year 2, Day 6

screenshot208.pngVal arrives at Mun on board Discovery 2! After achieving orbit (a first!) Val brings the orbit in a little tighter to get a better look.

“Setting orbital periapsis to 11 thousand kilometers!”

screenshot210.pngVal conducts an EVA and gathers scientific data from Discovery 2’s instruments. screenshot212.png

“Ok – laying in the course home before this thing runs out of supplies!”


Year 2, Day 5

screenshot193.pngAs Discovery 1 prepares to return from Minmus, Discovery 2 is rolled out!  Discovery 2 will (hopefully) enter orbit, perform a first-ever space rendezvous and (if fuel remains) perform an orbit of Mun! Val will pilot Discovery 2, and rookie engineer Bill will inspect Spacelab for the scientist who has yet to be chosen!  Ideally whoever that is will go up on Discovery 3! screenshot194.png

Orbit is a success!

“”Now let’s see if I can figure out how to rendezvous!  I can barely even spell that!”


Val finds a good place to meet up with Spacelab, and fires the engines at just the right time!screenshot201.png

This is Bill Kerman… transmitting from Spacelab!  All systems seem functional.  It sure is lonely in here though – send someone up soon please!”

As Bill gets comfy in Spacelab, Val plots a course to Mun!screenshot202.png

I still have over 2000 d/v of fuel… plenty!




Year 2, Day 4

While Jeb and Bob research Minmus, final preparations are made on Spacelab, the Kerbal States’ first space station! screenshot187.png

Launched on top of a Discovery rocket, the space station slowly lumbers into the sky, piloted entirely by antenna.


Near disaster!  During the launch, the entire rocket flips over around 40k – the gravity turn was not done well!  Thankfully the rocket recovers, and orbit was achieved! screenshot191.png

Thanks to the Kerb-Sat network the station remains in constant contact with Mission Control!  Now it just needs a crew!

Year 2, Day 01 (Discovery 1 Starts Minmus Research)

screenshot180.pngJeb closes the orbit  of Discovery 1 to a very close 20km.screenshot181.png

Bob hops out and starts running the planned experiments!

“It’s amazing out here!  Kerbin looks so small! And Mun, it just looks super tiny!”


The next phase is even more exciting!   Jeb adjusts the orbit so that the Discovery 1 will get very close to the surface of Minmus.   How close?  Almost 8000 meters!  screenshot186.png

Jeb maneuvers  Discovery to a nice, low pass of Minmus.

“I’m going a little ways out from the ship to get a good look!”



“Um… Ok… OK!  That’s enough space walking!  Minmus looks so close I can practically taste it!”


After calming down Bob returns to Discovery 1, and the crew waits for their scheduled return!

Year 1, Day 417 (Spacelab Announced)

spacelab.pngDesign work begins on an experimental space station!  The station will be launched once Jeb returns from Minmus.

The station, to be called “Spacelab” will be a test of long-term habitation of space as well as testing an orbital radar array and other scientific equipment.

“Now hiring: scientifically minded Kerbals with a great deal of patience!” -Sign posted on the door to the Astronaut Center


Year 1, Day 416 (Discovery 1 Launch!)

screenshot165.pngThe Discovery 1 rocket is rolled out to the launchpad – Jebediah will be piloting, with rookie space-scientist Bob on board to assist with research.  This will be Bob’s first mission in space!

Another first for the mission is the first Mission Patch! Symbolizing the adventure from Kerbin to Minus, and promising a future trip to Mun!

“Uh – so this is just the training simulator?  Right?”  -Bob

screenshot170.pngNot so much, Bob!  Discovery 1 lifts off!  screenshot173.png

After achieving orbit, Jeb aligns Discovery’s orbit to that of Minmus.  Then, after a short wait, Discovery 1 burns to Minmus! The trip will be just 6 days – all of Kerbin waits!



Year 1, Day 405 (Discovery Unveiled)

All of Kerbin is abuzz with KSEA’s release of the blueprints for the Discovery Rocket!

This revolutionary new design utilizes a new 2-Kerbal module (the Discovery Command Module), an advanced engine system (the new R-L 10 “Poodle”), and an entirely new rocket design that is entirely liquid fueled. This new design provides more control during launches and greater safety.


“I like how I can see out the windows the whole launch!” -Val

Construction starts immediately on Discovery 1, which will launch to Minmus.  The mission plan is to enter orbit,  and inspect the surface! Rumor has it the mission will be the first to feature a Mission Patch.  Oooo!



Year 1, Day 402 (Kerb-Sat Network Fully Deployed)


After many, many launches, all the Kerb-Sat communications satellites are launched.   “These communication satellites are really hogging the launchpads…” Jeb points out.  The lead scientist behind Kerb-Sat, Bob, points out that “with these new satellites you and Val will be able to explore even further – trust me, it’s a good idea!”  

“If you say so…” Jeb replies.

Over the course of a few days all the satellites are moved from their parking orbit of 90k to a much higher orbit of 300km, then maneuvered into positions where they provide full coverage around Kerbin!   A handy side effect is that (except for the poles) Kerbin now has full radio coverage!