Year 1, Day 402 (Kerb-Sat Network Fully Deployed)


After many, many launches, all the Kerb-Sat communications satellites are launched.   “These communication satellites are really hogging the launchpads…” Jeb points out.  The lead scientist behind Kerb-Sat, Bob, points out that “with these new satellites you and Val will be able to explore even further – trust me, it’s a good idea!”  

“If you say so…” Jeb replies.

Over the course of a few days all the satellites are moved from their parking orbit of 90k to a much higher orbit of 300km, then maneuvered into positions where they provide full coverage around Kerbin!   A handy side effect is that (except for the poles) Kerbin now has full radio coverage!

One thought on “Year 1, Day 402 (Kerb-Sat Network Fully Deployed)

  1. I got tired of these launches really fast – communications networks are cool, but quite dull. I just quickly launched and put everything where it needed to go and summed it up with this post. Back to actual fun!


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