Year 1, Day 402 (Kerb-Sat Network Fully Deployed)


After many, many launches, all the Kerb-Sat communications satellites are launched.   “These communication satellites are really hogging the launchpads…” Jeb points out.  The lead scientist behind Kerb-Sat, Bob, points out that “with these new satellites you and Val will be able to explore even further – trust me, it’s a good idea!”  

“If you say so…” Jeb replies.

Over the course of a few days all the satellites are moved from their parking orbit of 90k to a much higher orbit of 300km, then maneuvered into positions where they provide full coverage around Kerbin!   A handy side effect is that (except for the poles) Kerbin now has full radio coverage!

Year 1, Day 370 (KerbSat Program)

So far the two launches to Mun and Minmus were quite dangerous – short fuel supplies, and absolutely no communication for days and days.

As engineers and scientists work on the future Mun and Minmus rockets, other teams are focused on creating a communications network to make these missions safer!

The design they come up with is the KerbSat network:kerbsat.png

Construction begins on 8 identical satellites.  While the team is very proud of their design, they admit that they don’t have any clue what they’re doing…  Still. They look nice.