Year 2, Day 290

screenshot484.pngKerbSat 2, an additional communications satellite, is launched.  It is identical to KerbSat 1, except for a longer range communications dish similar to the one on Explorer 1.  KSEA engineers realized only too late that by the time Explorer 1 reached Eve, the antenna on board the probe would reach Kerbin, but the relay satellite wouldn’t be able to transmit back!  The launch goes well, and the satellite is put into a high polar orbit over Kerbin.

Additionally initial construction work begins on a Aurora 4 – the first test of the full Mun-mission Sarnus V rocket stack.  The current thought is to launch, test the docking and transposition maneuver, then re-enter to test the Aurora Spacecraft.  If all goes well Aurora 5 should be set to go to Mun!

Year 1, Day 370 (KerbSat Program)

So far the two launches to Mun and Minmus were quite dangerous – short fuel supplies, and absolutely no communication for days and days.

As engineers and scientists work on the future Mun and Minmus rockets, other teams are focused on creating a communications network to make these missions safer!

The design they come up with is the KerbSat network:kerbsat.png

Construction begins on 8 identical satellites.  While the team is very proud of their design, they admit that they don’t have any clue what they’re doing…  Still. They look nice.