Year 1, Day 405 (Discovery Unveiled)

All of Kerbin is abuzz with KSEA’s release of the blueprints for the Discovery Rocket!

This revolutionary new design utilizes a new 2-Kerbal module (the Discovery Command Module), an advanced engine system (the new R-L 10 “Poodle”), and an entirely new rocket design that is entirely liquid fueled. This new design provides more control during launches and greater safety.


“I like how I can see out the windows the whole launch!” -Val

Construction starts immediately on Discovery 1, which will launch to Minmus.  The mission plan is to enter orbit,  and inspect the surface! Rumor has it the mission will be the first to feature a Mission Patch.  Oooo!



Year 1, Day 321 (Horizon 9 Launch)


Horizon 9 is prepared to launch! This time, Val in command! “It sure is dark in here with this fairing!  Guess I’ll be steering by instruments only!”screenshot102.pngBlast off!  screenshot106.png

Horizon 9 circularizes to a neat 90km orbit.  Mission Control notices something… with several days of energy reserves, and over 900d/v of fuel remaining… it’s possible that Horizon 9 could risk a Mun-shot!

“Is everyone really, really sure about this?” Val asks.  Mission control responds that no – but it does seem highly likely.  It’s a risk.

“I didn’t go to space to play it safe!  Let’s do it!” Val responds.  Very well! The Mun-Shot calculations are done… the science bays on Horizon 9 are saved for Munar research!

The burn to Mun will be FAST, carrying Val there in roughly 1 day.  Then using Mun’s gravity to slingshot around it back to Kerbin, in a very fast re-entry to Kerbin.  This will certainly put the new heat shield to a test!

The Munar approach will be fairly close.. flying 50k over its surface! screenshot114.png

“Wow!  Look at that!”


As Horizon 9 flies past the dark side of Mun, Val gets out to get a good look.  “It looks so bumpy down there!”screenshot124.png

With just 2 hours of electricity remaining, Horizon 9 heads into Kerbin’s atmosphere!  “That new heat shield is performing perfectly… I was barely even crispy!” Val reports.  Moving at nearly 3300 m/s, Val is officially the fastest moving Kerbal in history! screenshot127.png

Ker-splash!  A successful landing on Kerbin!  Rescue teams go and pick up Val – great work everybody!  A very unexpected historic flight… but wow, what a day!

Year 1, Day 135 (Horizon 6 Launch)

screenshot59.pngHorizon 6 blasts off, carrying Val!  This will be the first night launch KSEA has performed!

screenshot62.pngHorizon 6 carries Val safely into a stable orbit.

screenshot67.pngWow!  What a view!  Horizon 6 returns to Kerbin and Val rests up!

Meanwhile, the next Horizon-A (which would have been Horizon 7)is brought in to be refurbished.  Breakthroughs in science mean new experiments and tests to be performed in space. Mitster is a bit disappointed his launch will be delayed!

Year 1, Day 103 (Horizon 4 Launch)

screenshot37.pngIt’s Val’s turn!  Horizon 4 takes off from KSC! screenshot38.png

The final orbit is a very clean 80k. Nice work!

screenshot39.pngThat’s quite the view!

screenshot40.pngUh oh!  As some scientists had warned, the science pods on the side of the reentry capsule were exposed to excessive heat, and exploded as Val entered the atmosphere. “That loud bang was quite the scare!  Not something you want to hear as you see fire out the window!” screenshot42.png

Val and the Horizon 4 pod set down nicely in the desert, and recovery teams head out to rescue her.  Not a perfect mission, but a success!

Meanwhile construction of an X-1 begins to use in training. Engineers also begin designing an X-2, as a more capable short range training rocket. Mitster is excited to try out both!

Year 1, Day 75

horizona final.png

After days and days of experiments and simulations, KSEA’s best and brightest think they have a good design… the Horizon-A rocket, which has even MORE solid boosters.  Thankfully, the upgraded launch platform should be able to withstand the awesome explosive power of the rocket’s engines! Construction begins on two of the rockets, tentatively to be named Horizon 3 and 4.  Jebediah will take the first one up, followed by Valentina!

If things go well planning can begin on even bigger missions!

Meanwhile, another new pilot has been found that just might have the right stuff!  Mitster is welcomed to the team!

Year 1, Day 49


The newly built Horizon 2 is launched!  This time rookie pilot Valentina will be in command.  The goal is still orbit! 


It’s getting toasty!  Before firing the next stage Val had to let the craft coast a short time to avoid overheating.


Horizon 2 reaches a new record altitude… 82km!  Sadly the Horizon just doesn’t seem to have the power to get much beyond the initial apoaspsis. screenshot23

Val sets down safely, and the Horizon 2 pod is recovered.  KSEA engineers start working out how to get past this obstacle!