Year 1, Day 103

screenshot25.pngThe new Horizon-A rockets are ready and Jeb and Val are itching to try them!  The first is named Horizon-3 and if everything goes well, it will be the first craft to orbit Kerbin! screenshot27.png

The first two stages fire, and take Horizon 3 into a good apoapsis of 86k!screenshot28.png

At apoapsis the LV-900 fires, and Jeb pilots the craft into a nice stable orbit (somewhat sloppy though, without the assistance of computers!) screenshot30.png

Mission Control radar tracking confirms it: orbit achieved!  What a day!  Jeb completes one full orbit of Kerbin, then aims for what looks like KSC! screenshot32.png

Jeb ejects the orbital section. “What a shame!   It was a good ship!” he says.

screenshot35.pngJeb splashes down west of the KSC peninsula.  “Ah!  So wet!  I’m ready to get rescued guys!!”




Year 1, Day 75

horizona final.png

After days and days of experiments and simulations, KSEA’s best and brightest think they have a good design… the Horizon-A rocket, which has even MORE solid boosters.  Thankfully, the upgraded launch platform should be able to withstand the awesome explosive power of the rocket’s engines! Construction begins on two of the rockets, tentatively to be named Horizon 3 and 4.  Jebediah will take the first one up, followed by Valentina!

If things go well planning can begin on even bigger missions!

Meanwhile, another new pilot has been found that just might have the right stuff!  Mitster is welcomed to the team!