Year 1, Day 103

screenshot25.pngThe new Horizon-A rockets are ready and Jeb and Val are itching to try them!  The first is named Horizon-3 and if everything goes well, it will be the first craft to orbit Kerbin! screenshot27.png

The first two stages fire, and take Horizon 3 into a good apoapsis of 86k!screenshot28.png

At apoapsis the LV-900 fires, and Jeb pilots the craft into a nice stable orbit (somewhat sloppy though, without the assistance of computers!) screenshot30.png

Mission Control radar tracking confirms it: orbit achieved!  What a day!  Jeb completes one full orbit of Kerbin, then aims for what looks like KSC! screenshot32.png

Jeb ejects the orbital section. “What a shame!   It was a good ship!” he says.

screenshot35.pngJeb splashes down west of the KSC peninsula.  “Ah!  So wet!  I’m ready to get rescued guys!!”




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