Year 1, Day 103 (Horizon 4 Launch)

screenshot37.pngIt’s Val’s turn!  Horizon 4 takes off from KSC! screenshot38.png

The final orbit is a very clean 80k. Nice work!

screenshot39.pngThat’s quite the view!

screenshot40.pngUh oh!  As some scientists had warned, the science pods on the side of the reentry capsule were exposed to excessive heat, and exploded as Val entered the atmosphere. “That loud bang was quite the scare!  Not something you want to hear as you see fire out the window!” screenshot42.png

Val and the Horizon 4 pod set down nicely in the desert, and recovery teams head out to rescue her.  Not a perfect mission, but a success!

Meanwhile construction of an X-1 begins to use in training. Engineers also begin designing an X-2, as a more capable short range training rocket. Mitster is excited to try out both!

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