Year 3, Day 44 (CTS Adventure Testing & Upgrades)

screenshot13.pngAfter some slight adjustments to Adventure’s wing alignment to correct the rollimg/control issues the craft was having, the craft takes off again!


This time, Jeb, Bill, and Bob head up – the mission is solely to test Adventure’s systems before construction of additional Crew Shuttles to service the KSS!  This will be the first flight with the craft’s new solar panels – so far, they don’t seem to be affecting aerodynamics. screenshot14.png

“OK – the Station is right where it should be! Heading in to dock!” -Jeb

Jeb pilots the Adventure closer, and closer to the Space Station!


Almost there…


Success!  Adventure makes a good seal with Docking Port 1. Everyone heads over to the station to check things out!

“Wow!  This place sure looks different than last time!”

Does it?  Must be a slight case of space madness…

One thought on “Year 3, Day 44 (CTS Adventure Testing & Upgrades)

  1. This was the first mission after I upgraded my game to KSP 1.22. To get a clean save I had to create replicas of the KSS, as well as the probe in orbit of Eve. Thankfully my Space Program hadn’t gotten too far flung yet so the conversion was pretty painless 🙂


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