Year 4, Day 39 (Explorer Updates)

screenshot585.pngThe crew takes some time to relax, celebrating the success of the probe landing on Eve!  Everyone takes a quick spin outside the craft! screenshot590.png

After the successful landing of the Atmospheric Probe on Eve, Explorer moves on to the next phase of its mission the exploration of Eve’s small moon, Gilly. screenshot600.png

Explorer changes it’s inclination to match that of Gilly!

“Won’t be too long now … we’ll see how well the new lander works!”


Year 4, Day 33 (Explorer Arrives At Eve)

screenshot516.pngMitster and Chrisnic transfer to the command module, while Orlas looks out the windows excitedly – it’s Eve Day – the day Kerbals arrive at Eve for the first time… ever!!!

“It’s so… purple!”

screenshot526.pngThe NERV Nuclear Engines fire… and fire… and fire.. the long but very efficient burn lasts nearly 4 minutes, as Explorer’s orbit is slowly circularized around Eve.

“Hang in there everybody… this will be a long burn, but it’s going exactly as simulations said it would!”


Indeed – DSV-1 Explorer eventually does circularize it’s orbit… and becomes the first vessel carrying Kerbals to orbit Eve!  The orbit has an apoapsis of 14,831 km, and periapsis of 122 km.  The burn took so long that Explorer will need to swing around Eve once more before arriving at the Periapsis again… and that’s when the atmospheric probe will be launched!




Year 3, Day 465 (KSS Crew Rotation)

screenshot486Jeb, Bob, and Samner head up in the Intrepid to rotate the KSS crew!


Jeb pilots the Intrepid to a nice, stable orbit – entirely in the dark!


Success!  Intrepid docks and joins the Adventure at the KSS!  screenshot499.pngKimmy, Robart, and Val board the Adventure… and head back to Kerbin!screenshot500.png

Once the shuttle is at a safe distance, Val fires the rentry rockets!screenshot506.png

“We’re coming in a little hot! I’m going to have to burn off some heat! Hopefully it won’t be a water landing!”


Thamkfully, despite overshooting the runway Val is able to set down on the Auxillary runway on the small island across from the Space Center!

Year 3, Day 425 (Aurora 16 Launches for MunBase One!)

screenshot459.pngAurora 16 is rolled out to the launch pad, carrying Edan, Sean and Glenica… and blasts off!screenshot467.png

After orbit is achieved, the docking and transposition maneuver completed, course is set for Mun where orbit is easily achieved!

“We’re all getting pretty good at this!”


The lander goes down… this is the first test of the automated landing systems!


Success!  Sean and Glenica hop out and say hi to Bill on MunBase One!  Meanwhile in orbit, Edan prepares to head back to Kerbin!

“It really is weird heading back to Kerbin by myself!  ”

Year 3, Day 419 (First MunBase Expansion)


MunBase One’s first Expansion, Module A, is launched!  The automated Sarnus V launch takes the expansion into Kerbin orbit, then transfers to Mun!


Mission Control remotely pilots the craft down …


The transfer stage ejects, and the module’s onboard rockets glide down to the surface.


Small wheels on the outside of the module steer closer and closer to MunBase One!

-Bill Kerman

Thankfully even with the time delay from Mun to Kerbin, Mission Control avoids smashing the module into the flag pole outside the Base!


Success!  The module connects… after quite a bit of tricky steering.


Looking good!  It’ll be nice to have some proper rooms!  And check out this great surface cupola! What a neat view!



Indeed – what a view!  Back on Kerbin, Aurora 16 gets ready to launch, for delivering the next crew to MunBase One!

Year 3, Day 409 (Aurora 16 Crew Announced, MunBase Expansion Construction)

MunBaseOneModuleASean and Glenica are chosen as the first crew for MunBase One!  They’ll launch on Aurora 16, with Edan piloting and returning the craft.  Once Aurora 16 arrives at Mun Sean and Glenica will join Bill on the Mun!

Aurora 16 will carry a modified version of the standard Aurora Mun Lander capable of remote flight – this will be its first test!  Construction begins at once!

Before Aurora 16 launches however,  the MunBase Expansion will head to Mun!  Fully automated, no one’s quite sure how the landing will go… but construction should be done soon!

Year 3, Day 380 (Explorer Update)

screenshot434.pngExplorer, still on its long journey to Eve, is 120 days into its mission!  Chrisnic, Mitster, and Orlas have gotten to know each other’s annoying habits really well – but have also grown to be very close friends.  Good thing too – their mission still has a long way to go!  They’re all very eager to be the first Kerbals to see Eve … close up! screenshot433.png

Year 3, Day 380 (Aurora 15 Returns From Mun)

screenshot420.pngEdan takes off from Mun in the Aurora 15 lander – leaving Bill on the surface to tend for MunBase One! screenshot422.png

Almost docked… Success!

screenshot423.pngAfter moving back over to the Spacecraft, Edan detaches the lander, and plots a course back to Kerbin!


“This is the first time I haven’t brought a whole crew back… feels strange!  I hope Bill is OK back there on Mun!”


“The radio’s still on Jeb!  I’m fine!  Get home safe!”


The CRV detaches from the Aurora Spacecraft… and begins to heat upscreenshot432.png

Finally, the crew returns home!


Year 3, Day 379 (KSS Crew Rotation)


While work starts on Aurora 16, which will deliver the crew to MunBase One, CTS-1 Adventure blasts off from Cape Kerman, to rotate crew on the KSS! Val, Robart, and Kimmy are eager to get more training time on the KSS!  Equally eager to get back to Kerbin are Val, Samner, and Sean! screenshot406.png

Adventure docks with the KSS!  Everyone says their ‘hi’s’ and ‘bye’s’, then Jeb detaches Intrepid, and heads back to Kerbin! screenshot411.png

Jeb misses the Space Center… by a LOT!  Thankfully, the leftover fuel in Intrepid is enough to get back to the landing strip!


“In the pipe… five by five!”


Intrepid makes a good night landing, even if it was a bit bumpy!