Year 3, Day 465 (KSS Crew Rotation)

screenshot486Jeb, Bob, and Samner head up in the Intrepid to rotate the KSS crew!


Jeb pilots the Intrepid to a nice, stable orbit – entirely in the dark!


Success!  Intrepid docks and joins the Adventure at the KSS!  screenshot499.pngKimmy, Robart, and Val board the Adventure… and head back to Kerbin!screenshot500.png

Once the shuttle is at a safe distance, Val fires the rentry rockets!screenshot506.png

“We’re coming in a little hot! I’m going to have to burn off some heat! Hopefully it won’t be a water landing!”


Thamkfully, despite overshooting the runway Val is able to set down on the Auxillary runway on the small island across from the Space Center!

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