Year 3, Day 419 (First MunBase Expansion)


MunBase One’s first Expansion, Module A, is launched!  The automated Sarnus V launch takes the expansion into Kerbin orbit, then transfers to Mun!


Mission Control remotely pilots the craft down …


The transfer stage ejects, and the module’s onboard rockets glide down to the surface.


Small wheels on the outside of the module steer closer and closer to MunBase One!

-Bill Kerman

Thankfully even with the time delay from Mun to Kerbin, Mission Control avoids smashing the module into the flag pole outside the Base!


Success!  The module connects… after quite a bit of tricky steering.


Looking good!  It’ll be nice to have some proper rooms!  And check out this great surface cupola! What a neat view!



Indeed – what a view!  Back on Kerbin, Aurora 16 gets ready to launch, for delivering the next crew to MunBase One!

Year 3, Day 373 (MunBase One Expansion Announced!)

MunBaseOneModuleA.pngWhile Bill gets comfy on Mun, and Aurora 15 gets ready to return to Kerbin, the first expansion to MunBase One is announced: Module A!  This module will add a surface Cupola, as well as the new Mk1 Crew Habitat, providing much needed beds and personal space for the MunBase!  

Construction will begin soon on the first of several such modules.  Initial plans for additional mofules include a science  a lab, and some kind  a of vehicle for exploring the surface!!  Several astronauts have suggested development of an improved EVA jetpack to let explorers have more fuel during EVAs!

A Sarnus V rocket will take this module to Mun!