Year 3, Day 15

The Crew Shuttle Adventure blasts off from the Space Center!   Mitster and Jeb both pilot the craft.  This will be a mission of many “firsts”:the first orbital mission of the Crew Shuttle, the first docking with the Space Station, and the first crewed re-entry of the shuttle!screenshot815.png

Because the Crew Shuttle doesn’t have any solar or other power generation methods, it can’t remain in orbit for too long before docking. Future upgrades will likely include better onboard power.screenshot818.png

Adventure achieves orbit, and manuevers to the KSS! Meanwhile on Kerbin, sea vessels recover the orbital launch vehicle.  As before, the craft is recovered for almost all of its construction costs!screenshot820.png

Adventure docks with the KSS!  The two crews say hello, then the shuttle detaches.  Everyone is a bit nervous.. this is the first time a crewed shuttle will re-enter Kerbin’s atmosphere!screenshot826.png

Rentry goes very well… But as the craft gets close to landing, it starts rotating strangely – tests will need to be done to determine why the craft partially lost control!    Thankfully Mitster is able to correct for the rotation.

Adventure sets down at the space center! While the mission wasn’t perfect, it was a success!

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