Year 20, Day 78 (KSEA Update)

The Space Center is buzzing as multiple projects are underway!

The Nebula Crew Vehicle design is getting a few tweaks, and the launcher has been reworked completely! KSEA promises blueprints will be released shortly! Meanwhile construction has begun on 6 of the spacecraft!

Construction has begun on the next Deep Space Vehicle! So far the craft is a near duplicate of the Endeavor. All that’s needed is a name!

Many pilots are disappointed the Crew Shuttle Program has been permanently cancelled. The decision was made after multiple attempts to add a emergency abort system, which was feasible only during a short window of the launch. Ultimately, this lack of abort options and the inability to carry unique cargo loads were the craft’s undoing!

“That’s ok! Anyway, the cool place to fly now is Laythe!”


Finally, a new docking section for the Spaceport is nearly complete – the existing one has already proven too cramped, and with more spacecraft expected to dock a rework was needed! The entire station will also be reoriented relative to it’s orbit!

Year 14, Day 1 (Explorer 6 Leaves Laythe)

Explorer 6’s mission at Jool’s tempting moon Laythe is complete – and it’s time to come home!

It’s a shame we have to leave.. but don’t worry. We’ll be back!


As Explorer 6 drifts past Laythe for the last time, the crew prepares to return to cryogenic sleep for the long trip back to Kerbin!

“It’s a good thing we’re heading back to cryo-sleep… we just finished the last snack!”


“The sooner we go back into cryo-stasis the sooner we can get on the next Deep Space craft headed back… this time with a lander! By the time we’re back at Kerbin I bet Laythe Spaceport will be ready!


Year 13, Day 127 (Explorer 6 Enters Laythe Orbit!)

After a journey lasting longer than 2 years, Explorer 6 finally arrives at Laythe! Automated systems thaw the crew – who slowly wake up!

“Wow, it’s been years? It barely felt like much of a nap!”

Explorer 6’s engines fire, and eventually circularize the orbit around Laythe!

“Mitster to Ground Control – I’m stepping through the hatch… “

“Oh wow! It’s beautiful!”

“Ground Control to Mitster – you’ve really made the grade!”
-Gene, Mission Control

Year 13, Day 8 (DSV Refuelling Vehicle Launches and docks with Kerbin Spaceport!)

The DSV refuelling vehicle launches from KSC! Until the logistics hubs on the Spaceport can be retrofitted to allow for the delivery of Lithium and other fuels, these launches are the only way to refuel the Deep Space Vehicles.

The orbital stage finishes firing, then seperates…

… and rendezvouses with the Spaceport!

Jeb, piloting remotely from the Spaceport for the docking manuever, reports some difficulties…

“This thing handles like a pig – a space pig!”

The connection is (finally) made! The Spaceport registers a solid connection to the fuel pipe system, and lithium and monopropellant are pumped from the refuelling vehicle to Discovery.

Year 12, Day 290 (Explorer Program Summary, Discovery Spacecraft Announced!)

With the resounding success of the Explorer 5 mission KSEA (and all of Kerbin!) has acomplished something that has never been done before – the recovery of an interplanetary crew vehicle!  This was the dream of the Explorer Program as it was first concieved with the construction of DSV-1 Explorer:


However, Explorer lacked the fuel and deltaV to return to Kerbin orbit. The Explorer 1 crew was able to eject from the spacecraft and return safely using the Landing and Return Craft (LARC) but Explorer itself drifted into deep space.






The Explorer Program changed dramatically at this point, with new expendable spacecraft being constructed, eventually leading to Explorer 5! Explorer 2, 3, and 4 all experimented with different designs, Explorer 5 was the first to experiment with cryogenic technology, allowing for much further range missions requiring less life support supplies.


KSEA is excited to announce it’s time for the next phase of Kerbin’s space exploration: Discovery!  Named after the early launches of the Space Program, Discovery will be the first truly re-usable interplanetary space craft, with a range nearly 5 times further than even Explorer 5!



Year 10, Day 345 (Explorer 6 Development Begins)


Planning for the first  crewed mission to Jool has begun – tenatively to be named Explorer 6!  The spacecraft itself will be nearly identical to Explorer 5, utilizing cryo-stasis chambers to keep the crew alive for such a long journey!

A new variant of the Jool Rocket will be utilized to provide the maximum amount of deltaV to the craft.  KSEA promises blueprints and interesting mission patches will be coming soon!

Explorer 5 Cryo Crew Vehicle.png

Design blueprints for Explorer 5, which Explorer 6 will be heavily based upon!

Year 8, Day 101 (KerbStar Deep Space Relay Launches, Additional Pathfinder Probe Built)

KSEA launches Deep Space Relay 3, a  satellite, identical to the KerbStar Deep Space Relay 2 but launched on a Jool IV rocket.

The relay will be launched into an orbit just beyond Jool, and will be part of a very deep space relay system designed to allow communication with Sarnus and beyond!  The satellite should be in position in roughly 2 year. By then a few additional relay will also be in orbit, extending Kerbin’s communication range throughout the solar system!