Year 13, Day 8 (DSV Refuelling Vehicle Launches and docks with Kerbin Spaceport!)

The DSV refuelling vehicle launches from KSC! Until the logistics hubs on the Spaceport can be retrofitted to allow for the delivery of Lithium and other fuels, these launches are the only way to refuel the Deep Space Vehicles.

The orbital stage finishes firing, then seperates…

… and rendezvouses with the Spaceport!

Jeb, piloting remotely from the Spaceport for the docking manuever, reports some difficulties…

“This thing handles like a pig – a space pig!”

The connection is (finally) made! The Spaceport registers a solid connection to the fuel pipe system, and lithium and monopropellant are pumped from the refuelling vehicle to Discovery.

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