Year 13, Day 127 (Explorer 6 Enters Laythe Orbit!)

After a journey lasting longer than 2 years, Explorer 6 finally arrives at Laythe! Automated systems thaw the crew – who slowly wake up!

“Wow, it’s been years? It barely felt like much of a nap!”

Explorer 6’s engines fire, and eventually circularize the orbit around Laythe!

“Mitster to Ground Control – I’m stepping through the hatch… “

“Oh wow! It’s beautiful!”

“Ground Control to Mitster – you’ve really made the grade!”
-Gene, Mission Control

6 thoughts on “Year 13, Day 127 (Explorer 6 Enters Laythe Orbit!)

  1. i like how you used modified lyrics from a space odity thats funny also your aliens reference of im in the pipe five by five are cool and you inspired me to make my own mission log im up to year four of having ksp


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