Year 20, Day 78 (KSEA Update)

The Space Center is buzzing as multiple projects are underway!

The Nebula Crew Vehicle design is getting a few tweaks, and the launcher has been reworked completely! KSEA promises blueprints will be released shortly! Meanwhile construction has begun on 6 of the spacecraft!

Construction has begun on the next Deep Space Vehicle! So far the craft is a near duplicate of the Endeavor. All that’s needed is a name!

Many pilots are disappointed the Crew Shuttle Program has been permanently cancelled. The decision was made after multiple attempts to add a emergency abort system, which was feasible only during a short window of the launch. Ultimately, this lack of abort options and the inability to carry unique cargo loads were the craft’s undoing!

“That’s ok! Anyway, the cool place to fly now is Laythe!”


Finally, a new docking section for the Spaceport is nearly complete – the existing one has already proven too cramped, and with more spacecraft expected to dock a rework was needed! The entire station will also be reoriented relative to it’s orbit!

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