Year 20, Day 75 (Endeavor Crew Returns to Kerbin Surface!)

Mirphe, Gillian and Samner board one of the Aurora Crew Vehicles docked at Spacedock and depart for the surface!

“We have over 22 separate scientific studies and samples to return to Kerbin – everyone’s going to be so excited!”

After firing the landing burn, the Crew Vehicle separates the orbital stage and prepares for re-entry!

“We are in the pipe… looks like the landing will be just a little short from the Space Center – woops!”

The parachute deploys, and the Aurora Crew Vehicle gently touches down!

“Welcome back everyone! Let’s get that science stowed safely – you’ve all earned some R&R!”
-Gene, at KSC

4 thoughts on “Year 20, Day 75 (Endeavor Crew Returns to Kerbin Surface!)

  1. Hey, Love the site. I wanted to start one of my own called Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Association (KASA). I have two questions. My first question is would this infringe on your Copyright if you have one I don’t intend on copying what you do exactly just the format of the blog style. Also would you like to cooperate and perform some inter agency missions like the Mars 2020 rover with NASA and the Sample Return Mission by ESA.

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    • Hi! That’s really awesome, glad you love it and starting up a site blogging your progress should be fun! You certainly won’t infringe on my copyrights just by making your own site with similar layout and formatting – I’d just ask you not copy the logos *exactly*, but instead create your own original ideas! I’d encourage you you to play around and find a style / layout that works for you! I’ve had a lot of luck with WordPress, but really I just chose it at random and use it because it streamlines a lot of stuff. Many of my mission names/ship names are on the generic side (Explorer, Voyager, etc) so you can of course use ones like that.

      KASA is a good name – there are logos out there that use it I believe, and you could use one of the tools I made to help design your own if you’re so inclined? If you do start up a blog I’d really like to see it and follow along too 🙂

      An inter agency mission sounds fun – been on a bit of a break with factorio and minecraft lately, but KSP always draws me back in! How would we even do that anyway, use eachother’s logos or something like that?

      If I can give you a hand in any way let me know? I hope you enjoy your KSP play through as much as I have mine! Good luck 🙂

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