Year 20, Day 74 (DSV-4 Endeavor Returns to Kerbin & Docks At Kerbin Spacedock!)

As Endeavor approaches Kerbin, the cryonic sleeping chambers stir, and the crew wakes up!

“brrrr! Looks like we’re almost at Kerbin! Everyone get to your station!”

The Colossus Engine fires, circularizing the orbit around Kerbin… then Mirphe pilots the spacecraft into a rendevous with Kerbin Spacedock!

“Reactor is cooling down, we are good for RCS approach to Spacedock!”

“Will you look at that – Spacedock is huge!”

Endeavor docks! Samner, Gillian, and Mirphe pack up the science findings from Moho and head over to Spacedock to get some rest!

“Wow – this habitat ring’s artificial gravity is almost like being back on Kerbin!

“Hey – my room has a TV – neat!”

“Welcome home! Get some rest, then it’s time to get Endeavor refueled and ready for it’s next mission!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

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