Year 20, Day 107 (New Crew Vehicle Announced!)

KSEA is excited to announce the Mk2 Nebula Crew Vehicle! The Crew Vehicle itself is a modified version of the original Nebula Crew Vehicle, making a number of minor modifications: the escape/landing rockets were tucked down below the Forward RCS system, and the internal storage system was reconfigured for a more balanced spacecraft.

The Rocket itself is entirely new, and provides a versatile new tool to the Kerbin Space Exploration Administration! Designed to be launched from the Desert Facility, White Mesa – the rocket carries the crew vehicle to an apoapsis of 200k, where the Crew Vehicle detaches. Then, the Rocket does a 180 degrees flip and fires it’s engine… changing it’s landing site to the main Space Center! There it will be recovered, refurbished, transported to the Desert Facility, and prepared for it’s next launch!

“This new rocket is going to give us the ability to quickly deliver crews to and from the Spaceport! It looks a bit less silly than the Mk1 too!”

Future iterations of the design should allow multiple Nebula Rockets to be strapped together for heavier lifting capability!

One thought on “Year 20, Day 107 (New Crew Vehicle Announced!)

  1. I spent a lot of time designing this one – inspired from the Falcon 9, this crew rocket doesn’t quite do what the Falcon does, but it is almost entirely reusable. Much like Falcon 9 the second stage is not recoverable. The first stage and the main vehicle however are recovered at nearly 100% value using Stage Recovery making this a very economical spacecraft!

    It was a challenge to figure out how to get the first stage down – KSP doesn’t exactly let you fly 2 crafts easily. I ended up deciding that I didn’t want to actually *land* the first stage, but I did want it to be realistically capable of it. The mod Stage Recovery does a nice job of this. I simply could NOT figure out how to get the first stage to launch FROM the spaceport, and return to it with a reasonable sized rocket. In reality, the actual Falcon 9 doesn’t push Crew Dragon nearly as high as my crew vehicle, so I finally settled on launching from the Desert Facility, and landing at KSC.

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