Year 20, Day 124 (Crew Vehicle 1 Launches On New Mk2 Nebula Rocket!)

At White Mesa, the desert launch facility, the new Mk2 Nebula Rocket is ready for launch!

“After all those simulations with the new Crew Vehicle I’m ready to finally blast off!”

This will be the first launch for KSEA’s newest pilot, Summer!

“I can’t wait to see Kerbin from orbit!”

The KR-84 engine ignites, and Crew Vehicle 1 blasts off!

“All systems nominal… not too bumpy either!”

The Nebula Rocket breaks through the clouds, and carries the Crew Vehicle higher and higher!

“CV1 nearing 200k apoapsis – prepare for seperation!”

The KR-84 throttles down, and the rocket coasts! This will be the first time the Mk2 Nebula Rocket has attempted it’s separate/spin/land maneuver to return to KSC!

“Separating first stage!

“First stage is clear! Sensors show it’s onboard systems have already started the flip maneuver!

Once clear of the Crew Vehicle, the Nebula Rocket fires it’s engine – altering it’s trajectory so it lands at the Space Center!

It’s Air Brakes deploy to assist in the landing! They will automatically retract and extend as the craft’s sensors take it in for a landing!

“Crew Vehicle 1 this is Mission Control – we show the Nebula Rocket is on track for a landing at KSC… nice work!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

“OK! Starting rendevous maneuvers for Spacedock!”

The capable “Poodle” engine starts the first of several burns to take CV1 to Spacedock!

“Looks like we’re in the pipe! Wow, that station is HUGE!”

After the required maneuvers, Crew Vehicle 1 arrives at Spacedock!

“Why don’t you do the docking Summer? It’ll be good practice!”

“Awesome! OK – taking us in!”

“Crew Vehicle 1 – this is Station Commander Val – we show you as docked and cleared to come aboard! Welcome to Spacedock!”

Year 20, Day 107 (New Crew Vehicle Announced!)

KSEA is excited to announce the Mk2 Nebula Crew Vehicle! The Crew Vehicle itself is a modified version of the original Nebula Crew Vehicle, making a number of minor modifications: the escape/landing rockets were tucked down below the Forward RCS system, and the internal storage system was reconfigured for a more balanced spacecraft.

The Rocket itself is entirely new, and provides a versatile new tool to the Kerbin Space Exploration Administration! Designed to be launched from the Desert Facility, White Mesa – the rocket carries the crew vehicle to an apoapsis of 200k, where the Crew Vehicle detaches. Then, the Rocket does a 180 degrees flip and fires it’s engine… changing it’s landing site to the main Space Center! There it will be recovered, refurbished, transported to the Desert Facility, and prepared for it’s next launch!

“This new rocket is going to give us the ability to quickly deliver crews to and from the Spaceport! It looks a bit less silly than the Mk1 too!”

Future iterations of the design should allow multiple Nebula Rockets to be strapped together for heavier lifting capability!

Year 20, Day 78 (KSEA Update)

The Space Center is buzzing as multiple projects are underway!

The Nebula Crew Vehicle design is getting a few tweaks, and the launcher has been reworked completely! KSEA promises blueprints will be released shortly! Meanwhile construction has begun on 6 of the spacecraft!

Construction has begun on the next Deep Space Vehicle! So far the craft is a near duplicate of the Endeavor. All that’s needed is a name!

Many pilots are disappointed the Crew Shuttle Program has been permanently cancelled. The decision was made after multiple attempts to add a emergency abort system, which was feasible only during a short window of the launch. Ultimately, this lack of abort options and the inability to carry unique cargo loads were the craft’s undoing!

“That’s ok! Anyway, the cool place to fly now is Laythe!”


Finally, a new docking section for the Spaceport is nearly complete – the existing one has already proven too cramped, and with more spacecraft expected to dock a rework was needed! The entire station will also be reoriented relative to it’s orbit!

Year 20, Day 3 (KSEA Releases Designs for Nebula Crew Vehicle!)

KSEA releases designs for the successor to the Aurora Crew Vehicle, the Nebula Crew Vehicle (NCV) capable of carrying 4 crew to a 200k orbit!

The NCV is launched using KSEA’s first reusable rocket: the Nebula Rocket. The Nebula Rocket has previously been used to launch an Aurora Crew Vehicle and will likely be the new standard for crew launches!

The NCV is also the first Crew Pod to carry 4 passengers!