Year 3, Day 118 (Shuttle Intrepid’s First Flight)

screenshot132.pngThe third shuttle, Intrepid, takes off on its first flight!  Mitster pilots the craft up to the KSS.  It’s time for a crew rotation!  Unusually, one shuttle will fly up and take the crew that’s returning, and a second will launch and remain docked to the station.  This will allow for evacuations in case of emergencies!  The plan is to cycle shuttles docked to the KSS every time there is a crew rotation.

After the Intrepid docks with the station, Endeavor blasts off, piloted by Jeb!

For the first time, two shuttles are docked at the KSS!

Not for long though… Mitster stays behind to keep an eye on the station, while Jeb, Orlas, Robart, and Samner head back to Kerbin! Endeavor will remain docked at the station.

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