Year 3, Day 117 (Aurora 11 Mun Mission)

screenshot36Aurora 11’s mission is to explore the Mun’s Northern Basin, as well as the Midland Craters located north of the Northwestern Crater, and after surveying them to investigate an anomaly located in the Northwestern Crater itself, spotted by the Mun Surveyor probe!

Onboard systems start checking the surrounding area… amazingly the seismic scanner indicates a minor quake occuring… Mun is still geologically active. Amazing!

Kimmy climbs out of the lander…

and tries to go for a stroll!  Unfortunately, the hill the lander set down on is extremely steep, and she goes tumbling down the hill!


Thankfully, Kimmy recovers.

“Careful out here Val… that hill’s pretty treacherous!  Better use your EVA jets only!”

Eventually, both Val and Kimmy make it out to plant a flag, then quickly head back in.  But not before Val has her own chance falling down the hill!

“Note to self:  look for flatter landing sites next time!”

The lander takes off, and heads down into the nearby crater.

This time – things go much better!   After collecting the necessary science, Val launches, and heads back to a stable orbit to rendevous with the Aurora 11 spacecraft! Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough fuel to check out the anomaly.  Maybe next time!


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