Year 14, Day 279 (Discovery Leaves Kerbin for Laythe!)

Discovery undocks from Kerbin Spaceport!

“OK – I’m backing Discovery away from the Spaceport… nice and slow!”


“Reactors are powering up – looks like full power should be available!”


Jeb activates the three Magneto-Plasma-Dynamic thrusters and Discovery takes off!

Everything looks good! We should be ready for the Cryo-Chambers!


Jeb hops in…

Then Bill and Bob!

Freezing in 3….2…1…. “


With a “ding!” the Discovery crew is frozen in stasis…when they wake up, they should arrive at Jool!

Discovery sails away from Kerbin – radio systems will allow for remote piloting, and monitoring of the crew!

“See you guys in a few years!”


The three components of Discovery’s mission should all be in place by Year 17!

Year 14, Day 278 (Intrepid Launches Discovery Crew to Orbit!)

Intrepid blasts off from the Space Center, carrying Jeb, Bill, and Bob! Veteran KSEA pilot Edan is piloting!

The launch stage ejects, and Intrepid enters orbit!

“Almost there! Just a few more more manuevers and we’ll be at the Spaceport!”


We’re there! Switching to rear view… taking us in!”


Edan pilots the Crew Shuttle closer and closer to the station! This isn’t the easiest task, as the craft actually pilots in reverse, as the docking bay is at the aft of the ship!

“Almost there… almost….”


The connection is made! Intrepid arrives at Kerbin Spaceport! Jeb, Bill, and Bob gather their equipment and head out to the Spaceport! As they head to the Discovery docking hatch, Bill catches a look at the ship from the Crew Habitat Cupola!

Wow! That’s one big ship!”


Year 14, Day 272 (Laythe Spaceplane ‘Endurance’ Leaves Kerbin!)

KSEA is relieved to announce that the Laythe Spaceplane ‘Endurance‘ transfer went much better than the first Laythe Spaceport! The interplanetary Spaceplane is headed (quite fast) to Laythe/Jool!

“The only thing left to do now is get a crew up to Discovery and send them to Jool too! It was just about as complicated when we first sent crews to Duna Spaceport. Hopefully this gets a bit less hectic!”


Year 14, Day 270 (Second Attempt Launching Laythe Spaceport)

The second attempt at launching a Laythe Spaceport is underway… this time on a Jool DS-2 Rocket! This absurd rocket straps several Jool Rockets together in an attempt to create a rocket with a lot of deltaV, and a lot of punch!

“I sure hope this works… we don’t have any more parts to build another one in time for the Jool transfer window!”


The launch stage exhausts it’s fuel and then ejects the protective fairing over the station!

With no time to spare, the transfer stage fires!

Laythe Spaceport flies away from Kerbin heading to a Jool/Laythe encounter!

Year 14, Day 270 (Laythe Spaceport Leaves Kerbin !)

The Laythe Spaceport – lost in space!

Laythe Spaceport leaves Kerbin as planned… however the spacecraft seems to have some serious flaws.

“This thing just doesn’t have enough power to make the burn! We’re going to have to abort… it’s a good thing we were making a duplicate station for future missions… we’ll have to bring that thing out ASAP!”


Indeed – plans for a future station had (thankfully) already been in the works, utilizing an even bigger launcher. KSEA scrambles to save the Laythe Spaceport mission!

Year 14 Day 267 (Explorer 5 Reaches Duna… and Keeps Going!)

Critics of reusing Explorer 5 were correct! The spacecraft didn’t have enough deltaV to overcome the high speed approach of Duna. Perhaps KSEA should have known better!

“Hmmm. Well, we all make mistakes! Back to the drawing board! It would be nice to have a spacecraft that can reach Duna without being quite a DSV-class vehicle!”


To that end, KSEA begins work retooling what would have been Explorer 7 to use the Explorer design but with a more re-usable layout in mind!