Year 14, Day 270 (Laythe Spaceport Leaves Kerbin !)

The Laythe Spaceport – lost in space!

Laythe Spaceport leaves Kerbin as planned… however the spacecraft seems to have some serious flaws.

“This thing just doesn’t have enough power to make the burn! We’re going to have to abort… it’s a good thing we were making a duplicate station for future missions… we’ll have to bring that thing out ASAP!”


Indeed – plans for a future station had (thankfully) already been in the works, utilizing an even bigger launcher. KSEA scrambles to save the Laythe Spaceport mission!

One thought on “Year 14, Day 270 (Laythe Spaceport Leaves Kerbin !)

  1. What a disaster! I use Kerbal Construction Time and just happened to have a duplicate station built and ready. When I actually designed this rocket (2 months ago maybe…?) I clearly didn’t test it enough. I had actually built the second version already, so that’s what I get for launching without double checking first!

    Disaster averted. For now 😛


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